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[Melb] Booga's Birthday Bash @ Flippers

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Flipper, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. After popular demand, there will be a birthday bash for Booga who turns 26 tomorrow.

    Date: Saturday 1st October
    Place: HQ - if you don't know the address, PM me.
    Time: 4pm start and ordering pizzas for dinner at around 6pm.
    BYO: Drinks

    Cyas all there :D

  2. hmmm... might swing by for a beer or three
  3. Happy Birthday Booga!!

    My weekend is now looking like this.......

    Morn: MRA exhaust testing
    Arvo: Netrider spanner day
    Evening: this

    Sunday morning: head to the southern classic racing at Broadford
  4. Why do you people organise parties when I'm interstate?

    I shower. I don't smell. I'm nice to everyone (well, almost everyone). I bring plates and plastic cutlery to events. I deliver whopping great big bins. I, I, I........

    Humph! Well, due to the fact that I will be interstate from Wednesday to Sunday, you will just have to toast my 29th birthday (which is Thursday 29th) at some stage during the evening. Don't forget to call me when you do this so I know it actually happened!

    Just for the record - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOOGA!!!!! (for today).

    I will have cake for you tonight :D
  5. OK - if you can promise me that
    1. I won't drink
    2. Be home by midnight
    3. I'll feel like I've had a good 8hrs sleep when I get up at some ungodly hour the next morning
    Then I'll be there to ..... :cry: :p :D
  6. Have a good one Booga !!!

    I can't make it on Saturday as my kids are down from Sydney tomorrow night and are here till Monday morning.
  7. Count me in but I don't think I will be there until 8 or 9. Spewing, I miss out on pizza. :cry:

    :D :D
  8. Happy birthday Booga....i will try to get out there to have a drink with you but I have to work too so I will try to organise something.
    Have a great day mate.....all the best.
  9. No - the evil Step Mother - so watch out!! :p
  10. I'll let you know later in the week, i don't see why not at this stage. =]
  11. Buzz me a bed please Deb.

    :D :D
  12. IF we are dibbing beds, then as my B'Day i'll natrually get one yeah? ;) :D

    And natrually if any females wish to join me (may my birthday wishes come true)... ;););) ... hey its my birthday :LOL:

  13. looks like im not going to be able to make it as my best friends(twins) are having a late birthday party on that night so you dont have to fear me taking lotsa rude pictures of you for that party!
  14. boog - looks like the Greek girl beat you to it !!!!

    <runs away, quickly>
  15. Ok, Dave, you have a bed for the night. Lids, you and your neice can share maddy's room :D
  16. Does anyone have any firewood lying around? Or does anyone know of any wood left out on nature strips reasonably close to Mulgrave?
    I checked the supply last night and we are running VERY low and i am sure people want to ....
    1. Be outside tonight and
    2. Keep warm :D
  17. Im out and about scrubbing in a new tyre :twisted:
    so i'll keep an eye out for any burnable stuff :LOL:
  18. And before any of you wise monkeys get any bright ideas, he doesn't mean any Acrosses :D :p
  19. Ha! geek thread is longer than a party thread! :LOL:

    but i can gaurentee more people will turn up for party :p