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[Melb] BMW Club Icicle Ride - Sat July 16th @ Midnight

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Mouth, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. This ride sorts the men from the boys, and the women from the girls!

    In it's 25th year, the BMW Club is holding it's annual Icicle mystery ride on Sat July 16th starting at midnight and going to around 6:00am the next morning where, after covering approx. 300km, you'll be treated to a well received bacon and egg breakfast!

    Netrider won the prize and trophy a few years ago for the most club members at the ride, and I'd love to see us take it out again. This year, it looks like we'll be up against the old timing Shearwaters Ulyssess club who are heavily mustering their members. I'm sure we wouldn't want to be show-up by a bunch of Ulyssess club members now would we??

    The calendar entry with more details is at https://netrider.net.au/calendar/index.php?action=details&id=317

    So, who's in? Lets see who the real riders are who have a sense of adventure, love some fun and challenges, and aren't scared of a little bit of cold! Lets take out the trophy and show those Ulyssess riders just who they are up against! :)

    Attendee list:
    R1_lover - maybe
    lordtb - maybe
    Lids - maybe
    Sir Skuffy
    mipearson - maybe
    lil - maybe
    Asto1 (+ 7 others)
    Kaos - maybe
    xxsteve - maybe

    For those that would like to meet-up before hand for a bite to eat and a drink, or just to ride-in to the meet point together, the details are....

    Place: Papa Gino's Pizza Restaurant
    Address: 221 Lygon Street, Carlton (50m north of Grattan Street)
    Map: Click Me
    Time: From 10pm. Leaving the restaurant at 11:00pm sharp! for the ride to the meet point (BP Servo in Somerton)
  2. in a strange sought of way the icicle rides gotta be the best night of the year. I'll be there again this year.
  3. Beemers only?
  4. Nope all bikes are welcome.
  5. Woops, forgot, I'll be over in WA doing a bit of fishin' off Curratha with me brothers. Sounds like a character building experience though. Build those characters gents.
  6. At this stage hoping to be there.

    But have a farewell party for a friend that nite, so if i'm sober and awake, I'll probly be there.
  7. Nope .. any and all bikes. When you enrol, you get to nominate which club/group your apart of or want to represent. The club/group with the most attendee's wins a trophy :) GO NETRIDER!!! :LOL:
  8. Yup .. I love it :)
  9. I would be in, but i have a bad feeling that I wont have a licence for much longer.... =[ i had one of those nasty flashes yesterday.
  10. where do they actualy ride to???
  11. It's a mystery ride .. so you don't actually know. But, it generally ends somewhere on the outskirts of the metro area.
  12. mouth wrote
    I'll take this down to the lads at Saturday morning coffee and see if any of them are willing to win the trophy . I wont be in it as im aligned with Ulysses and netrider .

    The truth ....i cant stand the bloody COLD.
  13. yeah lm a sooky la la at the best of times, but lm thinking of it, l must say...so this means it wont finish at the starting point....god not sure if l like the idea of not knowing where lm riding to..lol
  14. what other contests are there?

    Can anyone who has been on it give a quick run down on what happened?
  15. matt232 i have been on a icicle ride in 2003 on that ride there was a soup stop then a petrol stop then the breakfast stop and i think by memroy the awards were most club members most klm travelled to make the ride and the merit award which i won for hitting a wombat even tho i didn't finish the ride on my bike i still enjoyed the night and will be going on this one so count me in and will try and get some mates to come to build numbers

  16. You turn-up about 11:30pm and register/pay. Your then given a map/directions to the soup stop only to be opened if you get lost. Your also given a list of directions to take (eg. after the 2nd traffic light, turn right etc.) to follow. The directions will take you to the first rest stop where they have coffee/tea/soup etc. available and you have a break and a yak :) You then do it again, this time going to the breakfast stop where you get a yummy bacon n eggs rolls, coffee/drink etc. and some casual thanks and a few prizes.
  17. Hell yeah, sounds like fun, bitter cold fun!!! But I bet ya there will be lot of grims on faces thinking "yaeh baby I did it,......... what are you lookin' at??" Sounds like some character building stuff!!!
  18. BTW what was the number of netriders last year?

  19. the truth is mrs midnight will not let you go. :p :p
  20. It's a good night, if pretty tiring.

    I'll have to see if I can get a pass out from SWMBO :)