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[Melb] Blue Ribbon Ride to Remember, Sun Jan 21st 2007

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Hotcam, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=details&id=1101

    Good cause, I support it where I can but after last year...
    Anyone know if they're changing the plan to allow more than
    30km/h for a large part of the ride?

    Else I'll be not going. If the temperature is a little
    more bearable it would help. I didn't like the risk of
    heatstroke last time, combined with the risk of boiling
    over (never seen my bike get
    so hot, had to stop to cool it down) and the hours spent hunched
    over at slow speed were sheer torture. At 100km/h my bike is
    quite comfy, but for those hours at slow speed, not.
    So comeon, organisers, what's the deal?

  2. I'll be in it again, on the proviso its not so damn hot.
    I don't think my daughter will come this time tho
  3. Hot ...... I don't think I have ever been that bloody hot on a bike before, I stopped at Warburton on the way back, took my helmet, jacket and boots off and sat in the river with a cold drink.... and I was still bone dry by the time I got back to Narre
  4. I have'nt been on any of these rides before.
    Do you have to pre register/book or just roll up?
  5. Its certainly a well organised ride. Dont mention last year though :evil: It was sooo hot my bike decided to just stop about 5 kays from the finish mark. BLAH. So berloody hot I think I melted my brain. ( husband will say its never fully recovered) .I will go this year, only if its going to be under 30 degrees though. :)
  6. I pre-booked last year.
    It helps the organisers with their logisitics like sausages and there may be a pre-book raffle situation.
  7. sh!t why are these rides all on the weekends when i have the kids sooo not fair once again i guess ill have to miss it :(
  8. I actually have a sunday free for a change - so will endeavour to make it :)
  9. Download the form, print, fill it in, scan and email it back. You don't need to pre-book but it makes life a lot easier for the organisers if you do and saves you queuing up on the day to register and get your stuff.
  10. I've paid and am going once again. :)
  11. Faxed my form to them the other day, so I will be there again.
    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  12. Waiting on a Doctors clearance, and more importantly a note from my wife and I am in :p
  13. nobby, I do hope that you are able to join our symphony once more. I'm bringing the Double Bass this time... :cool:
  14. At this stage I have that Sunday off, so I'll be there! :)
  15. This will be my first netrider ride. Count me in :grin:
  16. i'll be there, bring the wets this year :grin:
  17. Won't be able to make it this year.
    I should have put this in my diary, I got a double shift :(
  18. count me in...lets hope its not raining and/or way too hot again.....
  19. After 9 weeks and 4 days I am finally back on the bike and looking forward to slotting in somewhere near Scumbag and G ..... I love my Kwaka, but ya cant beat that Ducati sound..
  20. Planning on being there.