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[MELB] Blokes on bikes ride......25th March?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User_5, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Hey,
    Since im not a girl, I have no ride to go on this weekend.
    Id like to go out for the day as its my day off and my bike just had its major service so any BLOKES up for a ride on sat 25th.

    Im open to suggestions and routes as im crap at that. I like to follow somebody else.

    To make it simple we could leave 10 min before girls and then they be following us......he he ! But cant do that so if any guys wanted to go on sat and couldn't due to body part racism, then lets all get together and go our own way.
    I will be heading out myself anyway but would much rather go with a group.
  2. Hey Stookie there were a few comments in the girls ride day thread about their male halves finding some other guys to ride with on Sat - maybe contact them. :grin:
  3. yeah I saw that, would be good to go out on sat, I do like your route though, was that like the last girl ride cos that was an awsome ride. Id like to have done it on my own bike.
    Im sure we get some takers at some point.

    Thanks Zelda
  4. hey well since i am not "allowed" to go on the girls ride-- due to being "too dangerous" and "fast" can i come alone to this ride-- ill make sure i strap down my breasts and put a sock in my leathers-- hahahaaha :furious: :rofl: :deal:
  5. woohoo.....i follow you then.......if i can keep up......where we going ?
  6. What time you thinkin of heading off stookie?
  7. whenever

    what you think ?

    where ?
    Im open to all suggestions.....I just want to ride my bike and not get lost....!
  8. I'd love to, but unfortunately I will be far to drunk. :beer: :grin:
  9. Will you stop organising bloody rides when I have to work!!!
  10. good work.......great excuse......were all blokes and we understand.....make it worth it...
  11. Maybe you could follow the girls and harass them in a somewhat suave fashion... I'm sure it's been done in a bollywood movie before... except I think their definition of suave is a little funny, though.
  12. Hey there banditR1. Are you a pretend fast rider or the genuine article? I have a nice little back road circuit (well -more like a 450km loop) where I guarantee you will get sick of redlining your bike in top gear whilst peeling into some of the best unpatrolled sweepers around :LOL: :LOL: This is not just straight line stuff. I won't advertise exactlly where but it does involve a ride down the freeway to Geelong.
    Anyone else interested?
  13. It's a pity you weren't available a couple of weeks ago for a mid week ride. I did that one as part of the Black Betty mid week ride fests. And yes, awesome ride!! (I have some claim to this ride, it was mine :p )
  14. Roarin ain't kidding!!!!!!!!!!
    If you have time, go for it, you'll have a ball keeping up, no matter what you ride. And you'll discover roads you never even knew existed.

    Not for the faint hearted :grin:
  15. Id say Bandit R1 is the real article, I seen her go...for 2sec then i couldnt see her anymore...
  16. i might be keen, what time you going?
  17. How bout meeting up somewhere and a bunch of us heading up to the Cranbourne Car and Bike show?
  18. Im up for anything....as long as I get to ride my bike Im keen for anything.......
    Just let me know where I meet and time.....easy
  19. I think i know where some of the roads are Roarin.. sometimes we do melbourne, turn off before getting to geelong, then either deans marsh to lorne, or straight to apollo bay, go to port campbell, then up through to colac an some various in land roads heaing back east with no traffic, no cops etc and no speed limits ;)

    also more towards halls gap etc.. mmmmm 6th gear redline roads.. i almost forget what there like
  20. I'm not sure about Saturday, but on Friday I'm taking a leisurely tour across the hills from Tyers, Yallourn up to Willow Grove, Hill End, Icy Creek, Noojee to Powelltown and Yarra Junction and finally, Mt. Evelyn as I head down to visit the sister and bro-in-law for the weekend.

    I'd like to go for a spurt on Saturday sometime, particularly to check out the route to Greensborough for the upcoming Poker Run. Will see how that goes as the Bro-In-Law wants a hand to finish off his decking.

    Will keep an eye on this thread til I leave (where I'm going there ain't no internet - such is the backwardness of my city rellos...)