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[Melb] Blackspur Sat 24/7/2010

Discussion in 'VIC' started by parko, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. Anybody doing the spur this Sat (24/7/2010)? BOM says the weather should be nice and sunny (but cold). I'm keen to give my new ride a go in some twisties. Apparently the place to meet is at the Beechworth bakery in Healesville?

  2. Not many bites on this one mate??

    Congrats on the new bike, have you been off the road for awhile?
  3. Not really been off the road, just a change of riding habits... used to commute heaps on a vtr250. Don't need to that that anymore and was influenced by a few track days to upgraded to a supersport so I'm keen to give it a go on the spur...
  4. Lots of crap, leaves, damp spots etc up there so be reeeeeaaaaallllyyyy careful.
  5. Ah righto no worries.

    Do a little bit of research first then, try searching for the following....

    Black Spur



    Loss of license

    Bike impounded

    Long walk

    Big fine

  6. = don't go!!!!!
  7. But that's what they want!! Don't let them win! ;)
  8. Naw, they just follow the money. What WE want is to just let the money dry up completely so it's not worth their while. Then we can get back to enjoying the road without being hassled about doing stuff that has been made retrospectively illegal (ie. overtaking a vehicle travelling at 40kph with a single solid white line which has not been made "dashed" in almost two years since the introduction of that stupid law.

  9. Exactly spawn, you can still have fun up there without getting caught.....

    every one knows where to expect em, just keep an eye out :)

  10. Well I went out both Sat & Sun and didn't spot a thing (except the pretty much permanent radar in Eltham). Wouldn't have mattered though because on the spur I spent most of the time stuck behind cars doodling along... Just where are "they" usually?
  11. Yes, And no passing on Single unbroken lines. It's a tragedy. :( I don't know why it is that those vehicles tootling along at 50k don't seem to think the slow vehicle turn out lanes apply to them.
  12. "duh. . . Me no logging truck, me car. . . Car go at happy speed, truck bad, motorbikie not exist la la la la la"

    fuktwits. :furious: