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[Melb] Birthday Bash!!! Sat May 21st

Discussion in 'VIC' started by BoogieMan, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE..........

    On the 21st of May (thats a saturday) there is going to be a gathering to Celebrate my Birthday :p And also to celebrate all those who are having birthdays around the same time (Firefling, Scope, VTRBob, Foxy etc......)

    The Gathering will be at my new place in Bundoora (PM me if you need Directions) and there will be ample off street bike parking and room to crash if you dont want to travel home....

    I was also thinking about going to a restaruant for dinner before the gathering maybe Chinese/italian/mexican somewhere in the north eastern area so as not too far for everyone...

    I'll make a booking a week or so for dinnner if there is enough interest and if not there will just be snacks and drinks and my place.... all are welcome!!

    Riders Attending:
    Martyh X 2 (?)
    Jimi X2
    voyager X2

    THere will be a bunch of other people coming along too and if you want you can bring a friend/partner with you just let me know for numbers at dinner
  2. i'll see you there ;)
  3. Hey Stew, I think I have a 21st of one of my gf's friends, but I will try to blow that off. Can you PM/email me directions and address :D
  4. WooHoo, Stuey's Birthday!!!!

    Yeah, ok.
  5. Due to a Gathering Date Conflict the Afore mentioned Bash will now be held on the 21st of may not the 14th I will adjust this in the post above as welll but please keep that in mind! :oops: :oops:

    Sorry for the confusion :oops:
  6. I should be there, unless Playgirl is doing a shoot and I get called away (yes, yes, I know, hard life).
  7. Cool, I get to go now and it's nearer to my birthday anyway :D
  8. Much better for me too :D
  9. Boogie Man,

    So on the 21st, you are celebrating your 21st?.....:p

    Or your 100th birthday?

    Count me in either way.....I'll also bring a packet of chips to help celebrate. :D howz that?

  10. On the 21st I'm Celebrating my 26th, that happened on the 14th :p:p
  11. What for, the humour section??? :p

    Stew - PM me your address mate, I'll try to make it along and add to the birthday count since its only 2 weeks past mine.
  12. The Dinner prior to the gathering will be at the Pancake Palour(Northland Preston).... next to the Cinemas

    Link For a Map: http://snipurl.com/elc0

    Which is a quick ride from my place.... meeting there for a 6 O'Clock dinner then we should be back to my place shortly after that....... about 7:30ish

    People running late or wanting more info can email/PM or call me (0403910081)

    For this I'll be making a booking about a week prior so that will be final call ...... lets make it...... final tally on the 16th please let me know ASAP if you can make it to dinner :D:D
  13. Do you have a good TV with excellent SBS reception? It's the FA Cup final night :D \:D/
  14. Maybe we can go to a pub which show soccer!

  15. The Reception is ok but as far a tv size goes the best I could manage is my 51cm... any bigger you'll have to bring it ya self :D :LOL:
  16. Woooow! Hold me back, lets go to a party and watch soccer! Doesn't get better than that!

    .......Wait, yes it does, go to a party and DON'T watch soccer! :LOL: :p :LOL: . Jeez Jason, you're a worry. :wink:

    They're adding a brail section :D .
  17. Sounds good. Not sure about tea, but l will certainly try for the party and will let you know before hand stew :)
  18. I'll try to get there....I booked Gold Class tickets to Star Wars about a month ago for that night and will have to see if I can swap shifts at work the next morning. I'll let you know...

    :D :D :D
  19. You need to get out more Jake. The FA Cup is bigger than the AFL grand final, USA Superbowl, etc. If there's any reason to have a party (not that aussie's need one), it's because there is something like the FA Cup on!
  20. OK Lads lets try and keep this post on topic :p

    *Gives a stern look and waves his finger as Mouth & Deyago* :x :LOL: :LOL: :D