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(MELB) Bikemart shopping night Wednesday 25th November 2009

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Just in time to get your new gear for Xmas and/or pressies, BikeMart are opening their doors after hours for all Netriders and also offering a further discount.

    Date: Wednesday 25th November
    Time: 7pm - 9pm
    Discount: 15% off all items except tyres and Arai helmets, plus further discounts on specially marked items.
    Address: Shp 4/ 70 Maroondah Hwy Ringwood 3134
    Phone enquiries: 9879 5822 (Max)
    Coffee/Tea/Water and Nibbles provided.

    If you want to buy anything specific such as ventura racks, parts and sizes, give them a call at least a week before to find out if they have your item in stock. This will give them a chance to order in any items you want to pick up on the night. They also have layby.
    For this shopping night we are coinciding with the Ulysses club because both clubs want to have a shopping night before xmas so it is easier for the great people at bikemart to have it on the same night.
  2. mmm...nibbles
  3. Just in time. I need new summer gloves.

    I prolly need way more but I can afford new summer gloves.
  4. i need new draggins, and new boots, can't find my summer gloves, oh and I'm sure there is more stuff i need. Oh, I also need some money :(
  5. I need some new jeans, jacket, helmet and gloves :)

    I'm going in for surgery day before :(

    (surgery unrelated to fall)
  6. Lets see.

    Non squeaky boots..
    Summer gloves...
    Andy Stapz Piggyback straps...

    Anything else...?

    Oh yes....I'm a consumer...AND I HAVE NOOOOOOOOO........SOUL........................
  7. Dr Drift, go see them before your surgery, and see what they can do. They are good people in my experience.
  8. Needed Purchases > $ available
  9. Found the thread thanks Thera...
    This is possibly a week too late for me tho, looking at a bike i really like this week so i need some gear to get it home in :S

    How often to you have these NR sales on?
    Id be interested in joining the club and getting some extra stuff next time
  10. 6 monthly iirc
  11. We 'usually' have them ~6 weeks before the Supers and then again 6 weeks before the motogp. This year I had a few things going on in my home life so didn't get it booked until now.
    So instead of getting your new gear in time for the Motogp, you can get your summer stuff and also Xmas pressies. At the shopping night you get 15% off however if you go in there any other time with your netrider membership card, you will still get 10% off.
  12. ok then... so how do i go about getting one of these magical NR membership cards ? :p
  13.  Top
  14. Just realised I get paid this day... I need boots and jeans... might see if I can make it...

    now where the hell is that card...
  15. OOOoooh shiny. Security gear!
  16. I din't get asked to produce my card last time.

    Just gave the secret password.....

    "Left glove first!!!"

  17. That was last years password. This year it's "Just rack up GreyBM's purchases to my card".
  18. ^^ does that work at Kitten's also??
  19. just a reminder that this is tomorrow night people.
    I think I need a pair of Draggins that fit.
    Now to decide which ones to get.
  20. Might come down if I can put Humpty together again in time - need oil if nothing else.