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(MELB) Bikemart HUGE sale July 10th - 12th

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Flipper, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Bikemart is having a huge sale next month and Max has kindly rung me up to lket me know and pass on the good news to everyone here.
    We will still be having our shopping night, which will prob be in Aug/Sept but the prices won't be as cheap as this sale.

    Click the link below to cheap out the flyer.


  2. Who or wha is a 'close out sale' Flip?
  3. Yeah i noticed they have a great range of mini pumps there so check them out :grin:
  4. :( must save must save must save
  5. agreed!
  6. Oooh, leather...

    Here you go, movin...

  7. Yep, that's it Bec. The stuff they will have on sale is not necessarily from their store. Quite a few of the stores around them are getting rid of stock as well and all stock is going to bikemart for the weekend of the sale.
    So basically it's a combination of stores all selling their stuff at bikemart.
  8. :grin: Thanks Deb!
    Wish I still had my Ruddy stimulus money... will have to apply for that credit card limit increase now and do some serious bargain hunting :cool:
  9. Yush must save...BUT OMG LOOK AT THE PRICES........

  10. i can so see myself going...and just walking out of there with so much stuff i didn't even plan on buying. but if the prce is right ;)

    Definately looking into some flat tyre co2 kits
  11. :-k walked in there today to have a bit of a look with a view to return on Sunday for some serious shopping and :-w

    ended up walking out with a new helmet (absolute score for $212 :grin: ) and a few other little goodies :cool:

    Have promised Jadey's sister I'll take her on Sunday so she can add to her collection of gear and I'll try not max out the credit card... I just got my credit limit increase too :twisted:
  12. Going there Sunday !!!
  13. I was meant to add yesterday that the "Closeout Sale" was a little disappointing to what I was expecting :( The "Closeout Sale" is in their storage room through to the back and doesn't have a lot... but there's still 15% off storewide so still plenty of good buys to be had :cool:
  14. Thanks for the Info Aaron !
    Going up to grab a new winter jacket this avo. Also may take the missus up to check out a spring/summer jacker for her.
    Hoping they have some good bargains.
  15. planing to leave soon to check them out. Reakcon they'll give you additional % off for netrider member ontop of the 15% storewide ?...cause that would be awesome.

  16. Nope.
    Discount won't apply to sale prices. ( which are heaps cheaper than the standard price less our NR discount).
    Just bought a DriRider Nordic Pro Jacket
    $ 389 .. reduced to $249 !! :)
  17. Sweet, didn't pinch the last one I hope I'm heading up to now :D
  18. Unless your 4 foot even, I don't think his size will match what you need. They don't call him "BIG" Vin for nothing. :p
  19. :shock:
    HEY ! I may be small, but I ain't no PIGMY ..
  20. bought some leathers :D jacket $300 off, pants just 15%. happy happy :)