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Melb bike stores

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by DJY, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    No notice it turns out I will now be in Melb for a day or two...
    coming down in the morning.

    Thought I'd put a quick post up checking on best locations / shops for bike gear.

    I don't know Melb bike stores at all...
    and sure know there are a heap on Elizabeth St in town...

    but wondered if there we're any amazing stores / warehouses / gear locations I should know about?

    Coming down I should have a hire car...
    and hope to have some free time on Tues.

    Canberra has very limited options for gear...
    so was thinking this could be a good excuse to spend some money?!?!

    Could be tempted with jackets (either winter... yes I said I like in Canberra... or even a nice old retro leather something as I ride a Kawasaki W800)....

    still searching for some good bag options that suit my W800 as well...

    and will probably grab some winter gloves, and a neck warmer whilst I'm here.
    Think some impulse shopping is in order though... and thought you all might be able to point me in the right direction?

  2. use the search it reveals all
  3. Have been doing various searches tonight...
    Lots of threads that are asking specific questions about a type of jacket, or commenting on a specific store... But thought my question was still valid.
    Apologies if it isn't, and if it a repeat thread.
  4. Stay on Elizabeth St.
    Suburban stores/areas of course (eg. Ringwood) but they wouldn't be worth the trip, price wise/saving etc.
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  6. Apart from Elizabeth St there is a group of bike shops out in Ringwood around
    ALso AMX in Bayswater and a Peter Stevens clearance centre in Ferntreegully.
    Clearance stuff seems to be online now
    City Peter Stevens has some clearance stuff upstairs (turn right at the top of the stairs).
    The yammy place next door is OK (upstairs again). I haven't bought stuff from the others.
  7. Just make sure you take a look all the way up Elizabeth street: Motorcycle City at the top on the eastern side has new and used gear and parts; Ray Quincey is off a side street; Spot On has a small collection of gear but sometimes it is surprisingly cheap and surprisingly cool.

    Peter Stevens' Harley and Triumph centre down a western side street has fantastic HD logo leather bandanas with flames on them!

    You can wear them without a shirt.
  8. Cash converters
  9. Skip Elizabeth St and buy online. Then with the massive amount of money you have saved go to the Mens Gallery near the corner of Lonsdale and King Streets.
  10. Any good online stores for aftermarket add-ons/bolt ons you guys know of?
  11. Biker gear in Fern Tree Gully.
    Same as the one on Phillip Island.
  12. I've looked at the Bikers Gear site and it only appears to list clothing/accessories etc.

    Do they also stock components? Levers, headlights, exhausts etc?
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  14. +1 for online... dust off the plastic and get what ever you want posted... i find that most places i go to have too many people on floor but no one actually wants to make a sale...
  15. Thanks twistngo....I'll take a look =D
  16. Nope, just clothing and bags ETC,