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Melb Bike Show cancelled - but Bendigo Show on - Update 3/8

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by thetramp64, May 25, 2009.

  1. I take it most folks have heard the the Melb Bike show has gone bi-yearly?
    Well have no fear, there is a show on in central Vic to help satisfy the cravings!
    Seriously I helped these guys with this and it deserves support.


    Perhaps if the Melb show was a little less pricey and a little freindlier more people would go?

    Updated 26/05/2009

    There will be trailbikes. Up this end of the world they are a must!

    Updated 31/07/2009

    Just on 8 weeks to go and its getting some interest in the press!
    AMCN listed in in "whats on" and the regional TV (Win) should be running ads.

    We have also secured a "celebrity guest"... (see the website)....
  2. At least I'll get to go for a ride as well as see a display - I'll give it a go.

    I hope the bi-yearly show moves back to the old Exhibition building...
  3. See ya there.

    Have just cast my vote on their webpage saying I will attend.

    Very exciting. Along with the other 14 people who have said they'll go!!

  4. Been thinking of going to this, now will put in the definite basket. Thought the bike show had gone bi-annual not bi-yearly. :roll:
  5. Netrider ride to the Bendigo Motorcycle Expo anyone?
  6. i agree this years melb show was a disgrace. badly run,badly attended, uninteresting.
    the old exhibition building was a better venue and better organised (different organisers back then)
    i think bendigo is a much better idea.
    will they be having a custom bike show and shine there?
  7. The Melbourne show was exceptionally well organised and the attendence blew all the organisers away. It was the best one run in several years, and easily the best up and down the East Coast as Honda didn't even make it to the Gold Coast expo. Melbourne had a few more manufacturers as well, with Victory having a pretty impressive stand.

    Every year muppets go along, pay their money and act shocked that there no fireworks, free bikes being given away to every fifth customer and there isn't enough gear for sale. (Because logically we'd all pay $20.00 to go to a shop, wouldn't we?) It's more of a showcase event, I guess.

    And people always go on about how unfriendly the sales staff are. If you stand there for three days straight without a break, watching dickheads drop your stock (Saw this three times in three different states) ask unbelievably stupid questions, bullshit to you flat out or even full of turps trying to pick a fight with you, you start to become a little unfriendly too.

    Anyway, I'll go to the Bendigo show, probably will have to for work but I'd go anyway. I hope there's trial riders there like the other shows, those guys are awesome to watch.
  8. well i was an exhibitor there this year and i disagree. like i said. it was a shambles compared to what steve hartshornes team did at the old exhibition building. so iguess we agree to disagree. :wink:
  9. Alas I'll be in Sydney by then. Would have been a god excuse for a ride at the very least.

    Best of luck to the organisers, hope it goes well.
  10. Sounds like a good excuse for a ride, if nothing else! :grin:
  11. You poor thing. Were you working for a dealer or had your own stall?
  12. errrr, Steve Hartshorn may no longer be part of Southern Cross Promotions but the other 1/2 of SCP is still around.
    Mark Peterson, in my opinion, together with Aaron Morrisson, & ETF do a fairly good job of the expo.

    What exactly was it that was a shambles?

    I found it to be a pretty decent expo.
    The Sydney one was a little better I thought but I certainly wouldn't call Melbourne a Shambles.

    Forgot to mention, If the Broncos Don't make the Grand final that Sunday then I'll be there ;)
  13. I'll be at the Bendigo one if I don't have anything urgent that I can't get out of.
  14. See update, its getting closer.
    Still want to hear from anyone interested in exhibiting too.
    There are quite a few "little guys" I believe.
  15. I also believe Sydney Expo is by far, the best run, laid out and most interesting. :wink:
    It also has the best atmosphere. :grin:

    I shall be at Bendigo, but from an exhibitors point of view, it is a real gamble as you cannot judge from any past performances.
  16. well I have never been to bendigo so I might as well go for a look, A run on the bike and a bike show all in one :grin:
  17. who is it, cant see it?
  18. Warwick Nowland
    2 time World Champion Motocross.

  19. given i've just discovered the expo isn't on this yr in Melb, I'll definitely b riding to Bendigo!! there was a thought that occurred last fri when jetstar announced a melb - syd leg sale for $40 - too bad i forgot to book it, what a cheap day trip it would hav been :facepalm:
  20. Fixed that for ya...