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[Melb] Bike rental through insurance claim

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Onoff312, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Hi all, my bike and myself was recently involved in a crash where the car driver was at fault (surprise surprise) anyway my bike has been taken away for assessment and quote and possibly a lot longer dependant on part avaliability.
    I asked the insurance company and they said they would reimburse the cost of a rental as long as it was around the same CC as my bike and not a ducati etc..
    The issue is i am 20 years old and bike rental seems to be catered far more to short term than the potential long term i am looking at.
    Could anyone assist me if they know of a good place for short-long term bike hire of a bike 600CC and less due to insurance reasons with hiring bikes most companies state over 25 only for 600CC despite my full bike licence.
    I really need this for uni and for work commuting so any help is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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  4. There is a good reason for that, you young bucks keep falling off :)
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    Got proof to back that up?

    uploadfromtaptalk1409034598918. uploadfromtaptalk1409034604703.

    Seems the over 40's group is the one which is showing the biggest increase in crashes in SA in the last 19 years

    According to this data there would have been 229 (669 less than 1990) crashes by people of the younger category in 2009, 148 (113 less than 2009) crashes by those up to age 39 and 176 (68 more than 2009) crashes by those in the older category. There is some understanding that the younger riders should by way of lack of experience have the higher percentage of crashes but what is the older categories excuse, they are over represented and perhaps should be where the government focuses it energy.

    This also taking into account that learner rider licensing has been up YOY. (obviously not all the young group either)
  6. Geez Devil you are like a coorong mullet after a cockle :)
    The figures prove only one thing, only mature riders report their accidents.
    Statistics that insurers and renters of bikes and cars work on are the ones that matter because they are the ones that affect younger riders like our OP.
    When the day comes that companies decide to use your statistics as a guide to risk, then I will pay it some mind, until then it has no relevance.
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    It's just a shame that's the attitude you take considering there has been studies in both the US and UK which show the same trends of the older riders increasing representation in motorcycle crashes. You can ignore it all you want. I never stated that the younger riders (obviously fresh so inexperienced) do not represent a lot of the crash data, but it is the older riders whose YOY crash data is getting worse

    You provide zero figures, so your claim that older riders are the only riders that report their accidents is just made up bull, and you know it.

    And you would rather trust an insurance company that is only interested in protecting the profits for its shareholders than a university study
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  8. It isn't about trusting anyone, the fact is, and you have said as much yourself in that sentence, insurers and car and bike renters, regard young people as putting their profits at greater risk.
    We've done the age debate thing several times on here and it was just as boring and fruitless then as it would be if we did it again, my comment, whilst tongue in cheek, was relevant to the OP having difficulty hiring a bike.
    You can quote all the university studies you like, insurance companies are very good at risk assessment it's what they do.
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    I actually think that the data collection may be fine, but sorting it into three groups only is a bit dodgy. There are probably more older (40+) riders on the road compared to the young bucks (16 to 29) than there were 20 years ago.

    It's always in the analysis.

    I notice that there are a lot of older riders on here too, myself included according to the 40+ criteria.
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    No they see young people as an easy ticket to big profits by charging excessive insurance premiums (which we know the learner requires before he can pick up his new bike) when in fact the larger premiums should be going to the ones who are increasing their crash representation.

    Done to death subject or not, you're responses are defensive toward the demographic you are in. I am in neither demographic. I pay reasonable premiums but see the young guys getting reamed for ridiculous costs when it is the old blokes riding into gorge road cliff face

    I'm willing to bet that that is wrong and the increase in the motorcycle market is through the LAMS scheme, and there has been a significant increase in younger riders.

    AMCN has reported crash data through Australia for yeas, normally once a year and they show the exact same increase in crashes per group, although I think they've separated it into 4 main groups

    Edit; noticing there being more riders over 40 here is maybe in your head because I actually notice there's more younger learner riders. Coupled with the fact most younger riders don't use forums and simply use other social media like Facebook etc
  11. Jeez did not expect all this fuss!
    The repair shop has ended up loaning me one of their bikes for use so i no longer have to go through the hassle of hiring!
    Thread can be closed (idk how to) as i can see a poostorm brewing
  12. Nah it's normal for some people, could be the five minute or the ten minute argument but it will die it's own death.
  13. It's not an argument if the other side can't present facts to support their case. Problem is Mcsenna since becoming a mod you've changed. I can't be the only one that has noticed your language and demeanor has changed.
  14. McSenna is a moderator? When did that happen. Explains everything.

    Anyway, here is a graph. That normally helps an argument along :)
    Please ignore all of my open tabs. A screen shot was the only way I could get it to copy. It comes from http://www.ors.wa.gov.au/Documents/Motorcyclists/ors-mssag-4th-forum-stats.aspx the WA office of road safety.

    My reading, the 17 to 24 age group, a span of 8 years, has the same death/injury rate as the 40 to 49 year age group, a span of ten years. Hence, 17 to 24 year olds wipe themselves out a little faster than us older farts.
  15. By the way @Onoff312@Onoff312 you can lock your thread in the Market Place forum, only moderators can lock threads elsewhere.
  16. Mod hat off…….Get stuffed Devil……Mod hat on.
  17. No p0rn? Would be interesting to see whole Australia as I know amcn reported for a couple years the older riders accident rate was on the rise. And I know studies in the US and UK support the same trend. Perhaps WA is an isolated case. Or perhaps the young cashed up from WA are a little reckless
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    For a maths teacher, that graph is pure p0rn, nothing else.

    Oh, and older rider crashes have been reported as on the rise here too, but "on the rise" may mean many things.
  19. :)


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  20. The other thing missing is information on how many riders are actually in each group. This would be hard to obtain.
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