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[Melb] Bike Mart Shopping Nite, Wed 30th Nov

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Black Betty, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. OK - for all those with pre-Xmas shopping lists, another exclusive Net Rider shopping spree @ Bike Mart, Ringwood has been organised

    When: Wed Nov 30th
    Time: 7-9pm
    Where: Bike Mart, Shop 4, 70 Maroondah H/Way, Ringwood
    Where Is Location Map [Click Here]

    Start saving those $$$ now :D

  2. Kewl.
    I was in there yesterday buying Camelbak stuff from Max. :D :D :D
  3. sorry is this seems like a stupid question, but don't we get a discount there now with our cards? So why do we need a special night, or do they offer a bigger discount on that night??
  4. Normally everything is 15% off which is an additional 5%, but they also have a few selected super specials on the night.
  5. But i'm sweating now.... ooh its gonna be warm riding up to echuka....
  6. + they supply nibblies
    + you get to rub sholders with other Netrider'ians and revel in the exclusivity of the night
    + they love Netrider because we are they're best 'exclusive night' groups
    + we often go to a movie in Ringwood afterwards
    + they have some naked pole dancing for additional entertainment

    yeah, OK .. we'll all except the last one is true :)
  7. rubbish Mouth - it was YOU up there last time !!!!
  8. Awesome, i'll probably come to this night. Will be purchasing a bike about a week after.

    So will revelle in advice and discounts :)

    Except by then i probably wont have a vehicle. Is it easy to get there via public transport?

    Edit: its ok, i see there is a trainstation around the corner.
  9. Hey - I didn't hear about that :shock: :p :D
    I'm choosing this years contestants since I've done the organising - pm if you're interested boys (lol)
  10. Kewl, another shopping night, I will be there. More $$$'s to spend. hehehe :wink:

    :D :D
  11. hey, this time I might actually have some $ to spend... maybe I can finally make it to one of these! *marks the calendar*
  12. i'll see whether nick is interested......

    i want to get a pair of joe rocket atomic jeans
    rrp:$199 wat kinda discount mite i get if they have them?????

  13. 199 x .15 =29.85

    therefore you now

    199 - 29.85 = $169.15

    thats if we get 15% off and if they sell them for $199.00 :LOL: :wink:
  14. I don't think Bikemart stock Joe Rocket.

    :D :D
  15. No, unfortunately they don't. But Honda Nova & AOne (close by) both do. I know - 'cos I want a mesh jacket for summer :D
  16. Loverly idea BB, just before Xmas. Thanks for organising it. Be sure to bring your partners along people, so they can get your Xmas present :) I'll be there for sure.
  17. So that's how Lech Walesa ended up?
  18. Dam!...l just put a pair of draggon camo's on layby too..bugger! :roll:

    Wonder if they will give me a further discount on them...hmmm
  19. same here i always dump 500+ on bike gear and one of these events comes along :cry:
  20. this is dangerous - it's gonna be pay day for me!