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Melb Bike Expo OCT 6/7/8

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by flexorcist, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. Who's going to this?? That MV Agusta F4 1000 Senna, that's a funky lookin rim on a bike. Whole thing just looks awesome I believe my weekend shall be at the Exhibition Centre!!!

  2. I'll be there, working on the netrider stand tonight and Alli V2 will be there tonight and tomorrow.
    Don't forget at midday tomorrow us Team Netrider girls get awarded a trophy for winning our class at the Le Minz scooterthon last month :)

    Pop over to the TGB/Bennelli stand and say hello to Johnny O, he's working at the expo too.
    Oh and so is Snakegal/Mel keep an eye out for her with her leather conditioning products.

    See you all in there, Im heading in at about 3 to take over from Loz. :grin:
  3. aha, stand no 3... i see it now... i may come harrass some cats
  4. Loz did a great job there to-day on the stand

    the eyes where working well to-day

    Yes and Johnny was work hard too

    thinking how to ride one of the bikes around the show
    so he did have to walk
  5. ill be there both days more than likely.. ill drop by the netrider stand at some stage..
  6. My bike is on one of the stands, not sure which one! but its a Silver 06' CBR1000rr with Dragons on the lights.....
    Gonna have alook tomorrow!
  7. I've booked out my Sunday.
    See you There.
  8. best things about the expo were the promo girls :grin: and the MV Augusta stand, the F4 is hot!!! :grin:
  9. Yes, there was absolutely nothing wrong with those.

    ...After careful and repeated inspections...

    ...Might have to return for more inspections tomorrow... :grin:
  10. Went to expo today and was alittle disappointed! Not what I expected!
    My baby was there, right next to the exit! But the guy who displayed it didn't do a very good display? No extra lights and it made my baby look dull, comparied to some of the other bikes... :cry: But my CBR 1000rr was the best one their! Even better than the Australian flag one..?

    N E Way can't wait till Monday to get her back and get back to riding!
  11. Got any pics of the NR stand ,what are you giving out or doing ect ect ect.???
  12. I saw your bike...i love the blue stickers BTW :wink: very cool

  13. :rofl: @ the little asian chic on the race replica stand, she is good value!
    I'll be sure to poke more NR cards with my name on them into her shorts today :p

  14. No pics, its just a boring 3X3 box, a couple of heads in there telling people that haven't heard of Netrider about Netrider.

    Signing up new members, selling some Crash CD's, perving on the opposite sex, you know, typical expo stuff :)
  15. We'd better wander along later today and wave at the trapped people in the Netrider box then ;)

  16. :rofl: remember the old adage.... do not feed the animals :p
  17. went yesterday with a mate from work.. thinking about going in a bit earlier today for the hell of it cause im helping pack up... might take the camer in a go nuts again..
  18. Yep this is what you have to look for, our grand poohbah Mouth.

  19. i was heading down to get some earmold stereo earplugs made but when i found out they were $200 i had to pull the pin. :?

    there is always next year.
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