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[Melb] Biased Opinions on dealers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Iondah, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. I've been looking for my first bike for a bit over a month now and I'm really struggling to find something I like within my budget. In desperation for something I want (250 naked) I've moved from the backyards to the shelves and am starting to trawl through dealers' catalogues.

    I had a look on the net today and in my lunch break went up to Ray Quincey in Melbourne CBD to check out a decently priced Spada. The bike looked OK, pretty standard fare and the salesman seemed helpful but not pushy.

    I was thinking about going back to take it for a test ride on the weekend but I thought I'd better consult the Oracle that is Netrider first. To my horror there were about 30 posts talking of bad experiences at Ray Quincey.

    So that laid the Spada idea to rest and I started looking for something else. Next came a Bandit at Clipstone Yamaha for a similarly reasonable price (though I haven't seen it yet). Once again, Netrider turns up a bunch of disparaging posts towards Clipstone Yamaha about dodgy salesmen, poor service and being sold lemons.

    We all know that people have the tendency to complain about something rather than sing its praises (ie if we have a bad experience we'll complain but if we have a good one we won't bother to compliment)

    Now, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining here because that isn't the idea but I am very confused... these accounts are one sided to the point of being not a lot better than no information at all.

    So, Ray Quincey, Clipstone Yamaha, Peter Stevens and obviously the king Sumoto (not that I'm even setting foot in that place) all have bad reps.

    Have I just picked bikes from the three of the worst dealers in Melbourne (all of whom happen to advertise in the Trading Post) or am I just getting biased opinions?

    I'm going to check out the Bandit at Clipstone on Saturday with a few riding buddies so hopefully I'll be able to make up my own mind on that score...
  2. I think you can only gauge a dealer on your own experiences. Use the information from NR as a guide only. Someone might have had a bad salesperson, been unreasonable in their expectations or just been plain unlucky. It also depends on what you need the dealer for after the sale. Something like a Spada is an easy home service option and short of the bike being a lemon, should be no real problem for you.

    My advice is treat all salespeople from all dealers with some caution until you know them better, buy the bike you want at the price you are happy with and, for 2nd hand motorcycles try to get an independent inspection or a knowledgeable person to check the bike over before you part with your hard earned. A warranty is no good if the dealer refuses to come to the party and you end up in perpetual dispute.

    Good luck!
  3. whats your budget??
  4. How about Gassit in Fairfield. A little birdie told me he was the original gun salesman from Quincey.
  5. Budget is $3,000 - $3,500 depending on the bike. That's part of the problem... you can get something awesome for $4k or something old and just roadworthy for $2000 but not much in between.

    Thanks for the help so far guys. I think I'll go chat to the dude at Clipstone and see how that goes.
  6. While you're at Clipstone check out Peter Stephens in Ringwood saw 2 Spada's outside collecting dust. Didn't catch the price... but I'm sure you could bargain them down.
    I spent 3 months looking for a bike but I guess leading up to Summer you're gonna be a little anxious to get out there. :D good luck
  7. Dealers aren't all bad - or they would go out of business

    At the risk of being flamed out of existence like in a previous post .

    Deal with them on face value.
    Even if you don't like the salesperson - you are not marrying them, you are just purchasing a product. Can you tolerate them for an hour or two ? If you are uncomfortable - ask to see someone else.
    If you don't like it - don't buy it.
    If you feel pressured - have a time out - Or leave and don't come back

    Have the bike checked out - that is what you are there for.

    I can't see how a bike can be worse just because it is parked in front of any certain dealers premises. It is what it is. Have it checked out INDEPENDANTLY, and it will be obvious very soon if it is likely or not.

    Its your money.
  8. i paid $3600 for my spada a few months ago...but it was a private sale.

    if you go private, make sure you get it looked at by a bike McAnic. :grin: the cost is negligible for peace of mind and not having to fix things later
  9. Don't let tales of dodgy salesmen put you off. At the end of the day you are after a good cheap bike, not a new best friend.

    Same with service. If you can getthe bike you want from some firm that has shonky service department, then just get it serviced elsewhere.

    If the store has a reputation of selling lemons, be careful. having a mecanice look over the bike in this case is the way to go.

    Just cause a shop is bad for one reason or another doesn't mean you can't deal with them. Just have your ees wide open if you do.
    If they have pissed you off in the past, then maybe avoiding them is a way of protesting.