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[Melb] Biased Opinions of Dealers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Iondah, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. I've been looking for my first bike for a bit over a month now and I'm really struggling to find something I like within my budget. In desperation for something I want (250 naked) I've moved from the backyards to the shelves and am starting to trawl through dealers' catalogues.

    I had a look on the net today and in my lunch break went up to Ray Quincey in Melbourne CBD to check out a decently priced Spada. The bike looked OK, pretty standard fare and the salesman seemed helpful but not pushy.

    I was thinking about going back to take it for a test ride on the weekend but I thought I'd better consult the Oracle that is Netrider first. To my horror there were about 30 posts talking of bad experiences at Ray Quincey.

    So that laid the Spada idea to rest and I started looking for something else. Next came a Bandit at Clipstone Yamaha for a similarly reasonable price (though I haven't seen it yet). Once again, Netrider turns up a bunch of disparaging posts towards Clipstone Yamaha about dodgy salesmen, poor service and being sold lemons.

    We all know that people have the tendency to complain about something rather than sing its praises (ie if we have a bad experience we'll complain but if we have a good one we won't bother to compliment)

    Now, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining here because that isn't the idea but I am very confused... these accounts are one sided to the point of being not a lot better than no information at all.

    So, Ray Quincey, Clipstone Yamaha, Peter Stevens and obviously the king Sumoto (not that I'm even setting foot in that place) all have bad reps.

    Have I just picked bikes from the three of the worst dealers in Melbourne (all of whom happen to advertise in the Trading Post) or am I just getting biased opinions?

    I'm going to check out the Bandit at Clipstone on Saturday with a few riding buddies so hopefully I'll be able to make up my own mind on that score...
  2. A Biased Reply

    Well Iondah,

    This is a bised reply from Peter Stevens M/C!

    PS used bikes are owned by PS (no consignment stock) and are checked over by the workshop and prepared to RWC (supplied and no extra fee). If they are bombs we wholesale them off to the trade or secondhand dealers.

    We back up our used bikes with a 3 month / 5,000klm limited Warranty on the running gear and free RACV roadside assist. Should the dissappointment of repair be needed you can also take it to any five of our outlets for repair.

    Hope this helps.
  3. go to Sumoto..... an sit on their bike to see what you like..... they do have a range....but i've never spent $0.01 in there.

    Bought my bike privatley with an inspection from a Netrider who i trust (pretty sure he is also a bike McAnic).

    I found Spot On motorcylces to be great customer service and really helpfull while i was looking... but this is just my opinion. other may have different ones.

    As far as reputation goes... some dealers obviously have a well earned reputation, good, bad or otherwise. ID find someone who will look at bike whith you who knows what they are doing.... it may cost you a penny or 2 for their services but at least you know then that no matter where you buy it the bike is ok......you are under no obligation tpo get a bike serviced where you bought it...... if thier sales is good but service is bad... buy it and get it serviced somewere you like