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[MELB}Beware of a yellow ute

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bangr, May 11, 2006.

  1. This was sent to me today.

    Fellow Motorcyclists Be Aware,

    During my commute to work this morning, a moronic hoon in a yellow Holden
    Kingswood ute purposely opened his door on me as I was overtaking his
    vehicle, hoping very much that I would collect his door. Luckily I managed
    to swerve and avoided contact, I was travelling at about 50 kmh and merging
    into the right hand lane at the time. Unfortunately I did not get his rego
    number. I wish I had, as you can report this type of behaviour to Police

    This incident occurred at about 7.55 am on Princess Street Kew about 500
    metres before the Kew Junction. I am sending this message to make you
    aware of this Moron as I am very concerned he is out to get other
    unsuspecting motorcyclists just trying to get to work.

    Please send this to other bikers you know to warn them of this incident.
    In my 30 years of road riding I have never experienced this type of road
    user behaviour. Obviously he holds a grudge against bikers.

    Sam Giampiccolo
    Contracts Officer
    Registration & Licensing - Operations
  2. What a psycho. :evil:

    With all the stories i've been reading on here and hearing from other riders lately you'd think someones been organising an assult you local biker campaign.
  3. Remebering hearing about a bloke who did that in the US to a Harley. The force from the harley slamed the door back and chopped the guy in the cage's leg off.

    Rider was fine.
  4. Now thats carma!
  5. wow that guys sux!!

    Pitty he didn't get his number plate... :roll:
  6. I pass very near there often round that time of morn,will keep an eye out for him :evil:
  7. yeah my brothers father in law had that happened to him getting on to the SE from High St. Luckily he was alright but did there car some damage.


    I was going down high st parahan once and a merc pulls out of a st and cuts me off. So im thinking maybe he didnt see me so just putted behind... there was a tram in front so i start lane splitting and he pulls over towards the middle so i couldnt get past, so yeah im thinking again maybe he just didnt see me... so next time im on the left hand side and hes behind the tram and ive stopped and hes trying to squeeze in, i look at him and hes laughing. I take a fist and i put a good fist on his side mirrors and gave him the finger and took off.

    I think thats the only time ive been that pissed that ive damaged some1s car
  8. You think it's an astronomical instrument composed of 23 radio telescopes??? That's an eccentric look at it.

    Personally i would said it's Karma but each to there own i guess :LOL:
  9. Any chance that the guy may have been opening and closing his door cos it wasn't shut properly?

    I do it a fair bit but I guess after hearing of other peoples experiencesit may be too much of a coincidence eh?
  10. I am often up that way. If I see him I,ll be sure and get the number. Actually if he did it to another couple of netriders and they went to the cops it would seriously be interesting. Post up any more encounters with yellow kingswood utes hey? Not like lots of them are around :)

    I had a women open her door once in Sydney rd Brunswick. Just her being stupid but when she was horribly rude to me.. well :)
  11. Problem is a lot of people dont know you are allowed to lane split, and get pissed off seeing you 'break the law' while they are in traffic, and some of them are idiots so they try stuff like that.
    People need to get taught a bit more.
    I like kevlar gloves plus side mirror.
  12. well that is a valid response....
    but if he was doing it on purpose then i might have to start looking for a yellow ute lol :twisted: :twisted:
  13. This type of moron needs to be delbt within any fashion at the time of his moronic antics. that is for sure! :evil: :evil: :evil:

    But to put another note to it, Surely if this happened to you, you would make sure you got his rego number if it meant turning around and going back.?

    The first thing I would want in this instance is the bastards rego.

    Me I would have gone back and confronted him about his intensions(as per liddonits post). and taken it from there :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  14. Yeah, you might just have to!

    Just hope he doesn't see you first, LoL.

    :twisted: :twisted:
  15. thats crazy, i ride up that street to work every morning at exactly around that time! if i see the prick i'l definately get his rego since i know he is driving a shitty old kingswood ute :mad:
  16. That same spot heading north I had a similar thing happen to me but at much lower speed but it was the first mark on my blade with a cracked left fairing.
  17. You reckon? Who the fcuk opens their door in trafic without having a good look? :shock: If it was an accident, it still deserves the same response. :)

    It's what i like to call a "Hammer issue". :evil:
  18. So many anrgy stupid people out there...
  19. nexus:
    Actually, nexus, having just looked through the Road Rules section about this kind of thing (Part 11, Division 4), lane splitting is illegal unless it's with another rider.
  20. stuff the Yellow ute ,
    lanspliting down the monash on my way home tonight i almost got beheaded with some aluminium angle iron ! a tradies ute had some in the back and it had moved so it was sticking out at rightangles from the side at head height :shock:

    I only just saw it in time ( slightly dark ) and pointed it out t the guy lanespliting on the bike behind me, He had the chance to stop and point it out to the ute driver, who to his credit indicated to pull over and i hope tie it down alittle better ? :?