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[Melb] Beware Gold Jag, western suburbs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chairman, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Just a belated "heads-up"

    On the way home from the Thursday Mystery Ride, I met two other riders on the Ring Road. We all exited together at the Western Highway, and were at the front of the queue, waiting for the green light.

    Lights change, we turn left, line abreast across the 3 lanes and giving it stick. I'm in the centre lane when,suddenly a gold Jaguar is hard on the heels of the rider to my left.

    Eyeballing me, and unhappy that we're slowing him down, he tries to overtake on the grass/gravel road edge. His mirror is level with the rider when he's confronted by armco and a driveway. So he swings back, about 6 inches off the rider's rear wheel.

    Now he moves further right and tries to lanesplit between us - his bonnet is level with me when the road bends a little and there's no easy line between us so he backs off, again sitting right behind the left rider. I signal the rider, he checks his mirrors and opens the taps to get some space.

    The Jag chases him, swerving all over the road as he tries, I think, to get alongside and push the rider into the gutter. Through Deer Park to Station St, still tight on his tail until the rider brakes late into the service lane and the Jag flies past,

    I followed the Jag up to the Caroline Springs turnoff, where we part company.

    So, if you see an old gold/tan Jag, driven by a bearded clown - give him a wide berth. Serious attitude problem.
  2. thanks for the heads up mate,too many tools on the road
  3. thanks for the heads up mate,too many tools on the road
  4. Ergh, impatient tailgaiters are bad enough - that is harassment [and assault even?].

    He needs to be stabbed in the pancreas.
  5. too bad we didn't run into this idiot a couple of hours earlier ;)
  6. Thanks Chairman. I ride in the area alot and will keep an eye out for this clown.
  7. Oh man... where's a Ktulu motorcycle accessamories mega destructo pack when you need one!!

    Duly noted.

    Glad everyones ok.
  8. damn.. dude sounds like a nutter. sort of person id like to headbutt with my helmet still on.
  9. Didnt have a pony tail too did he? There's this fairy with a three muscateers goatee and a pony tail that has tried to kill me on three separate occasions. He drives a beige Volvo (I know, I know...). Was wondering if my friend had upgraded to a different type of shitbox.