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[MELB] Best place to buy Draggins?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Tyberious Funk, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Just like the subject says... any recommendations on places to buy Draggin Jeans? I'm looking for good prices (obviously) and a decent range. Is it worthwhile going to Draggin directly, or do they only sell via distributors?

  2. I recommend bikemart Ringwood.
    Check the calendar, Netrider specials there tonight
  3. you'll find most shops are heavily compelled to sell them at RRP.. a little friendly haggling will see a small discount..

    shops aren't making the 100% markup you think they are
  4. They are based in Port Melbourne, call them and ask if they will sell you a pair from their head office.
  5. I paid full price for mine, even though I did ask (haggle) :roll:

    Worth every cent I paid! :grin:
  6. i hope you bought knee armour to compliment them :wink:
    and NOT the velcro on stuff, something u strap on either above or under the jeans...
  7. buy it online fr this local shop:


    all discounted without having to haggle :grin:
  8. The $20 velcro knee armour worked just fine for my 60kph lowside. I would have ground off my knee without them, and after showing my mates what the armour looked like afterwards, they all rushed out and bought some!!

    Saying that, my new knee armour is Dainese...
  9. I'd rather support my local shop that allows me to try them on and offers advice and service.. building a relationship to receive further discounts on future purchases ..
  10. If you're interested, Hornee jeans have my kevlar in them I do believe.
    Mine cost me $200 from AMX (All Motorcycle Xcessories) in Keilor.

    I love them, and they don't look like shit like alot of draggins...

    Noods, some piccies of that armour could convince me to get some as well lol, current I wear none :S