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[Melb] BendigoSuper Trials, Sat -- CANCELLED!

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Meet: Mobil servo, cnr Flemington and Racecourse Roads, Flemington
    Time: 9am, Saturday 5th November, for a 9.15 departure
    Grade: All welcome as long as you're happy to ride on the freeway.

    Guys, I'm mad keen to go see this after being completely blown away by the demo riders at the bike expo. You won't believe what these crazy bastards can do with their bikes, it's absolutely stunning.


    If anyone's interested in joining me, I'm thinking meet at the Mobil, corner of Flemington and Racecourse roads at about 9am (leaving 9.15) for a relaxed Calder Fwy blast down there.

    $28 to get in I think... Anybody interested?

    My # is 0418 219 330 if you want to discuss.
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  3. And if you can't go, grab a copy of On Any Sunday and check out the fabulous trials stuff in that movie, what those guys do is impossible!
  4. On Any Sunday's more about flat-track racing, hill climbing, AMA championships, that sort of thing. It's an awesome movie but I don't remember any trials stuff in it...

    Trials is the jumping up on cars, riding along fences, leaping from the top of one water tank onto a see-saw and holding it steady, a mix of ridiculous control, unbelievable balance and incredible jumping and wheelie control.

    There's a few photos on the supertrial.org site.
  5. There's quite a bit of trials in it, actually with both Malcolm Smith, and, I think, one of the sixties British trials riders as well. Smithy climbs a vertical cliff-face about 4 metres high in one scene!!!
    But you're right, seeing it live would be so much better.
  6. Hmm, I don't remember that. I'll have to go watch it again... Got it saved on the HD at home somewhere.

    Maybe it's OAS 2 you're talking about? I haven't seen that one.
  7. Been advertised on TV (probably only outside of Melbourne) for a few weeks now, probably would have gone up if I didn't have other plans. Watch your speed though - was in Bendigo yesterday and saw two cars getting booked on the stretch of Calder between Bendigo and Harcourt (one radar trap, one prowling unmarked car).
  8. I'll give this until midnight or so, if nobody's in I'll cancel the meet.

    Cheers all
  9. OK, cancelled!
  10. We actually made it to the Super Trial yesterday - and it was well worth the drive and $28 entry fees.

    When you see first hand the skill and control these riders have - it was amazing!

    There were 3 classes - International A, International B, and Australian. The Australian had the easier route/obstacles. However, the skills shown to get through the "easier route" was still amazing. The Internationasls did, however, jumped taller objects - like a 3m tank at a standing position!
  11. Yeah, it's a pity I didn't get my arse into gear earlier and give people enough notice to come down. Sigh.