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Melb Beginner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by adprom, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. G'day,
    I've posted a bit already but never really introduced myself.

    Name is Adam, from melbourne and 24. Got my Ls weekend before last, saw a few bikes last monday/tuesday and a virtually perfect 2009 cb400 came up 2nd hand for me with 10,000 on it. Pics @ https://netrider.net.au/forums/showpost.php?p=2031795&postcount=39

    I had looked at some 250s originally, but sat on a VTR250 and I was simply to big (6'3" and solid). The cb400 felt right though.

    So got it this Monday and had some practice on it this week under some varying conditions. No previous motorbike experience...

    Hi all :)
  2. Hi Adam,

    Welcome on board and join the cb400 club. I had no previous motorbike experience too and have been on a cb400 since January and loving it still like the 1st day I bought it.

    You're going to love the bike and see you around on a ride.
  3. Thanks, Still shit scared of dropping it to be honest and it has been kept so nice :) Been out on it a few times now, so confidence is rising bit by bit. Ridden in rain, down the beaches, back through city etc. So progress has been goo :)
  4. Don't worry I was the same. Each time you ride you will only get better and better. If you have already ridden in rain then you'll be fine : )

    Go to a saturday morning learner session and sunday learner ride when you feel confident enough and watch your riding skills get better.
  5. Welcome to the forum. May catch you on a Sunday ride one day.
  6. Great looking bike! : ) Welcome to Netrider.
  7. I'm more worried at a standstill than moving to be honest :p

    Thanks all.
  8. Welcome adprom and congrats on your licence/bike purchase..good looker, 'tis (y)
    Enjoy mate.
  9. Hi Adam and welcome to NR
  10. Thanks!

    Did another 60km today :) Starting to feel a bit more confident and understanding traffic flow and positioning slightly better.

    Ended up on freeway during a shower today and some wind in melbourne - so all the experience adds up. Lesson for today is about where to put my weight at 100kph through the bends and head positioning is essential.

    Tracking bike fuel usage through http://www.fuelly.com/driver/adprom/cb400 too (although first one is exaggerated as when I filled it up last time, it wasn't all the way.
  11. Welcome to netrider
    Sounds like your having alot of fun
  12. Well unfortunately ive sustaied a sports injury. Here is the summary I posted elsewhere:

    So here is the prognosis.

    MCL (medial collateral ligament) is at least a grade 1, likely grade 2 tear. Minimum 6-8 weeks.

    Gut feeling of physio is that the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) has minor damage. That means 12 weeks in a splint.

    If the ACL has major damage, that means sugery.

    Possible cartilage damage, if so means surgery.

    He couldn't feel cartilage and ACL today because the pain from MCL was too much and the strength of my thighs. Will try again later in the week, and if any suggestion of ACL or Cartilage, then specialists and MRIs.

    Worst of all, can't jump on my bike this week.
  13. This sucks, get well soon.
  14. Yes, yes it does!
  15. Hi and welcome, I'm also new around here.
    The timing couldn't be worse for you to get injured! Rest up, heal quickly.
  16. Welcome mate,

  17. Got on the bike for an hour last night when I pulled the starpping off :D

    Physio today and it appears like there is some ACL damage, so I am in for an MRI at 7am tomorrow morning. At least it isn't stopping me doing too much in the meantime.
  18. hot looking bike mate!

    grats and welcome
  19. Thanks :) Got another 90km under the belt tonight. Must say the knee is a bit tender before my MRI in the morning :p