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[Melb] Be kind to pedestrians

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roscoe, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Not sure if this is the correct area or not and I hope as a new rider and new forum member people don’t take this the wrong way.

    I ride in to Melbourne’s CBD every day and work on Collins St. Because I start early it’s no issue for me to park on the foot path without affecting pedestrians. Around 8:30-9am I’ll go get a drink and sit at the front of our building and watch the bikes turn up… and I’ve got to say some riders are going to get all riders in Melbourne in trouble.

    I notice bikes riding on the footpath twice the speed of pedestrians, backing out in front of them and even beeping at them.

    Since I started riding around 3 months ago there has been an obvious increase in riders. Where I park when I started riding would have maybe another one to two bikes near me, now it’s six or seven. My concern is that a few pushy riders are going to tick someone off who’s going to have a whinge to council and we’ll not be allowed on the footpaths anymore.

    Personally I believe we should only ride a walking pace, have our feet on the ground and give pedestrians the right of way. If that means it takes a minute or two to park then so be it… it’s a hell of a lot better then the alternatives.
  2. Or even dismount and walk the bike like we are supposed to :!:
  3. You have to be kidding. right? :eek:

    I agree with the sentiment that if we abuse what little privalige we have then we may loose it. But also it would make it hard to get other privaliges. If we as a community can point to examples where we "do the right thing" then surely we stand a better chance at being listened to any time we try to have an input on changing other laws??
  4. I think I know where you are talking about and getting off the bike and walking it I would have less control than rolling down in neutral. I will continue to sit on my bike and roll it down to my parking spot. Beeping someone is a bit slack but I have beeped someone I knew to say g'day once but never again.

    The problem with my part of Collins St is that the curb is so bloody high we have to enter 100mts up the road to get to a parking spot and get past the cab rank.
  5. I am with you on this one, Roscoe.. I feel a bit guilty myself, even though I ride up the footpath at walking pace, I don't usually have my foot down..

    Correct me if I am wrong.. riding (no matter how slow) on a footpath is illegal and you will get done for it...
  6. There is a girl who rides a Scooter and charges down the footpath and I've seen her twice beep people, once while going down the path and the other time to get people to move as she was leaving (going between to parked cars behind people crossing the road).

    Anyway, it's something I wanted to get off my chest :)
  7. What you need is enforcement, like everything else. The scooter rider does it illegally because she can get away with it. If she seriously thought she would get booked then she may think again. While many dispute their methods/focus, there is a place for people in a uniform issuing fines to people for minor things like this.

  8. If that's correct then a lot of people could get fines every Friday night at Southbank. :eek: One question which comes to mind is if it is illegal, why are we allowed to park on wide footpaths? I'm interested in the real answer here rather than opinions.
  9. dunno mate.. I have the impression that riding motorcycles on footpath (not share path) is illegal.. I can't find any actual information on the vicroads website :(

    I found this however... stated illegal... how accurate.. dunno.
  10. If you get the chance, it maybe worth having a word to her. Much like what you have said above.
  11. The Southgate thing is a potential problem. My goal at Southbank is to be slower than the pedestrians. Even to the point of being commented on as they walk past. Not all the bikes at Southgate do the same though and it'll only take one accident for us all to lose the privilege.
  12. Pedestrians should always be given the right of way. We wait for them to make room & not the other way round.

  13. I actually cannot find anywhere that says it is illegal (as such). Also footpath parking is legal in Melbourne CBD, so by extension you have to be able to enter / exit the footpath.

    As far as Southbank, there are two issues as I see them.
    (i) Is it a footpath as such or publicly available private property that may / may not come under Vicroads and or the Council? ; and
    (ii) I've seen a definite attitude on both the p[art of pedestrians and some riders. We probably need to fix that.
  14. Can't be arsed looking it up, but I think the Vic rules say that you are actually supposed to dismount and walk the bike anywhere other than the actual roadway (the dismount bit is pretty much ignored by everyone including the cops).
    Southbank promenade is public space (whether it is privately owned or not) and therefore subject to whatever state and local bylaws apply. The council (and only the council) can give approval for "no bike parking" signs to be erected if they choose to. So far nobody has asked for that.
    Agree that we need to be extra careful not to antagonise the peds.
  16. What do you mean? We're allowed to park on footpaths because it's a convenient way to solve motorcycle parking (both for us and for the councils). If you're asking why we're allowed to park on footpaths but not ride on them, well that's obvious too, I would have thought: safety. Procedure has always been to dismount and walk the bike when on the footpath (even though IMO that can be more of a problem).

    You'll find it in the current Motorcycle Learners Handbook, methinks.