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[Melb] Barry Sheene GP Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nobby, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Anybody going down to Bairnsdale for the Memorial Ride to the GP this year. Dacs and I riding down on the Wednesday, and overnighting at Bairnsdale so we can enjoy the festivities st the RSL, and have a fresh start for Thursday's 300km ride to the Island.

  2. Does that ride start in Bairnsdale or is that just the gathering point? I seem to recall in previous years that it began in Sydney and Wayne Gardner and lotsa people rode right down the coast from there.

    I might be trying to go on that this year. Promise it to myself every year and it never happens.

    Next silly question: Isn't that Wednesday nite the Netrider dinner??
  3. The actual memorial ride starts from Bairnsdale on the Thursday. details are in the ride calender.

    I will be leaving for Bairnsdale on the thurs morning at oh my god o'clock. :D:D:D:D:D:D
    Will be posting something in regards to this in the next week or so.
  4. Hey Scumbag, sounds like it may be fun..... Will keep you posted.
  5. Definitely going!!!----Wouldn't miss it!!
    Bazza was a terrific bloke and long may he be remembered!
  6. Shit.. Scumbag, that's like a 600km day.. even Ducati seats ain't that comfortable.
  7. Ah the beauty of a Corbin seat. I have done the ride on both previous occasions now both times in one day. As the day is split up then it is not 600 k at once so you do not have to worry about that. It is however a long day so fatigue is something to think about. However the couple of laps around the track with all the crowd that is there at the time is pretty cool.
    As mentioned previously I will post a ride for this in the next couple of days/weeks once I sort out meet point and timings.
  8. I've been told thet they're not comfortable at ALL

    :p :p :p :p :p
  9. Ah yes the 998/999 boys and girls will agree with you. The ST crowd will tell you to ride one for a long day, especially the new ones with the gel seat in them and then make a judgement.
    I have a Corbin seat on mine and have done 900 k day before and got off pretty fresh. Though not pristine, but that is to be expected.
  10. As I have done both the last two years, I offer the hospitality of my place for anyone who wants to drop in for a spell on the way down on the Wednesday.

    Tea and coffee and somewhere to stretch legs. (And a Pisso if needed)

    I will be home from midday on. Everyone is welcome.

    Directions. At east end of Traralgon there is a boat yard. Turn left just before it. The road number is C105. It goes to Maffra.

    Go along for 1.2 k. There are some double lines. Turn right at the end of the double lines into Dranes Road. Go 400 metres. My place is on the right. It is the third place. Number 40. (On the gate post) White house green roof.

    When you leave, you have the option of the Princes Hwy to Sale or go to Maffra. Maffra road is quieter and better for riding.

    Anyway if you want to stop in, do so.

    I am going down on the Thu morning.

  11. Ohh that's cool, but still need to find somewhere to stay for the night.

    Also I wonder the SLOW CONTROLED LAP of the Circuit, how SLOW would it be? (normally I ride slow, stick to the speed limit) SLOW - compare to the GP speed? SLOW - as compare to the ToyRun?

    I am really interested to go for a lap of the Circuit.

  12. In the last few weeks they showed footage of the Barry Sheene Ride on RPM on channel 10. Looked that riders were between 3 - 5 abreast on PI. Wouldn't imagine you could realistically go that fast under those circumstances.
  13. It's a parade lap and would be lead by some form of pace car to keep speeds down & the group bunched up.

    Letting the general public loose on a race track would be a public liability nightmare as the boy/girl racers would get a rush of blood to the head if it wasn't controlled.

    Not that anyone from here would do anything silly :roll: :p :wink: :)
  14. Cop car controls the pace as a rule, gets up to about 80 at times but if there are gaps some can get much higher to catch up.
  15. I also believe that all bikes going on the track are inspected for oil leaks so don't expect to see many old trumpy's out there!
  16. As long as it's only the bikes their checking for leaks and not the riders, us older models do suffer from the occassional exhaust leaks.
  17. (Melb) Barry Sheene Tribute ride 13 Oct 05

    Ok Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I am proposing the following.
    I am heading to Bairnsdale for the Barry Sheene tribute ride on 13 Oct 05.
    My plan is as follows.
    Leave from Cnr Springvale Rd and Ferntree Gully Rd Melways B 8 from the Mobile service station on the southern side of the intersection at NO Later than 0545.
    I will travel straight to Bairnsdale via the quickest route. Ie the Fwy. At fwy pace (read not hanging about.)
    I will not be stopping unless I need fuel. This is not anticipated I can get from home to Bairnsdale on a tank easily. However if people come with me and need fuel earlier this can be accommodated.
    From Bairnsdale we will go with the organised ride to Phillip Island, do the parade laps then I will be heading home, if you want to stay for presentation then you may and I will catch you on another ride sometime.
    This will more than likely involve heading up the Hwy from the Island to Kooweerup then up through Pakenham to Emerald/Cockatoo and then to Ringwood.

    This is not a day for the faint hearted. It is a minimum of 700 km in the day, albeit with stops.

    Also unless the weather turns so bad you would not drive a car in it, it will not be cancelled.

    Any interested can pm me.
    If noone interested I will still be doing it on my own. :D :D :D
  18. Sound like a good plan for me, I am interested.

    But I cant confirm you right now, till another 1-2 weeks, depends on when will I start to work again, and will I able to get RDO on that day.

    IF all will be under control, then count me in pls, Scumbag.

  19. Ok Viv will put you as a maybe :):):)
  20. Put me down as a maybe , with one on the back as well (maybe)
    just going to depend on if I have some new rubber on ( the bike Mr scumbag ) by then or not