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(melb) Avenue Q

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mikey_mikestar, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. anyone who hasnt gone to see this should. if you dont know about it goto tikatek or google it. its musical theatre.
    imagine sesame st mixed with friend on speed :LOL:
    this show is great. has michala banas (mclouds daughters) she was the tiny brown haired chick in that cant remember her name on the show.

    go and see this and youll be glad :rofl:

  2. Speaking of which, if you are into theatre....

    Jersey Boys is also fantastic :grin:
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  4. first time eva going to the theatre and will go again :grin:
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    In general, I can't stand musical theatre.

    We went along to see Avenue Q to support a buddy in the cast, and the first half was sensational. Really funny, I was actually enjoying a music theatre show. It contained one of my favourite songs:

    [media=youtube]eWEjvCRPrCo[/media] :)

    The second half, for some reason they threw the fantastic who-gives-a-shit, pisstaking attitude out the window and did the usual boring, flag-waving morality wrapup - and they didn't spare the cheese. It's like they had this great little world happening but the writer ran out of ideas and had to go back to the musical formula. Very disappointing.

    Having said that, it's far and away the best musical I've seen. Most of the cast is tops (WTF is with Gary Coleman?) and it's a good laugh - especially the first half. It's nowhere near as shit as RENT - and I'd be happy to let them use that quote on their posters.
  6. sucks to be me :roll: