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[Melb] Aust Superbike Championship Rnd7 - Nov 11-13

Discussion in 'VIC' started by FormerUser3, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. 2005 Australian Superbike Championship Round 7 will be held at Phillip Island on November 11 - 13th.

    Those that witnessed them at the MotoGP will agree they are well worth watching. I have plans to head down there to take some photo's.

    Here are some details lifted from there website:
    Ticket details: General Admission (GA) is from 9.00am both days
    Pensioner Card - $15, Sat only Adult - $15, Sat/Sun Adult - $30, Sunday only Adult - $30.
    Grandstand & Pit Access Is Free.
    Children 15 and under Free if accompanied by an adult.
  2. Here's the updated full press release from the series web site.

    Phillip Island Sun 13th Nov YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship

    Spectator Information

    Scroll down page for event information including pricing, circuit information etc.

    Spectator Information Round 7 Series Finale Phillip Island Sunday 13th November

    How would you like to see first hand the most exciting and action packed motorsport racing this country has to offer?

    The Australian Superbike Championship (ASC) has been over the year's the main breeding ground for many of the worlds past, present and future road racing champions. That is how good Australian motorcycle racers are!

    Who will be crowned the 2005 Australian Superbike Champion?

    There is an easy way to find out, be at Phillip Island Raceway Sunday the 13th November when not only the Superbike championship but the Supersport, Superstock, Sidecar, Formula Xtreme, FX Pro-Twins and Nakedbike Australian champions will be decided. In fact the only class that has been decided after six of the seven round championship is the 125GP class won by Peter Galvin. Every one of the other seven championship is that close that they are still up for grabs at the series finale. That is six good reasons apart from the Superbikes to see for yourself how good Australian motorcyle racing really is in a very entertaining and action packed day out.

    Australia's motorcycle road racing championship might be called the Superbike championship but it is no one horse race, as mentioned the series has seven other great action packed support classes which provide close and exciting racing. Both Saturday and Sunday are packed with quality racing action aplenty. No other motorsport series, whether they be on two or four wheels, in this country has the depth of talent or such great support classes as the ASC does. There are no gimmicks or gap fillers, the ASC is a complete full day racing experience for the true motorsport fan. Racing for all classes starts at 10.00am and finishes at approximately 4.30pm. The premier Supersport and Superbike classes are on track between 10.30am and 3.30pm along with a host of other classes.

    For The Families: The new ASC super series which; combines both the old ASC and the previous eastern seaboard only Formula Xtreme TT series is focused towards family participation. That is why we have made it so family friendly admission price wise. A family pass is only $50 with up to 5 children for free per family group. On top of that parking and admission to the pit area is also free for all.

    Ride Your Bike To The Track: If you are traveling to the circuits by motorcycle then you will be able to park in the pit area so you and your bike are close to all the action.

    ASC Merchandise is also available at each round of the series. The ASC Merchandise van has a vast array of supporters merchandise available at each round. Items include T-Shirts, polo's, caps, women's lycra tops, bucket hats, flags and more.

    Superbike Club Hospitality Packages: This is a great new addition to the ASC for those race fans either in a group or on their own wanting to experience the countries best motorsport series live in the comfort of a hospitality suite for as little as $199 per person. This includes G.A ticket, VIP Parking Area, a full sit down lunch, Pit walks, Rider interviews, Giant Screen to see all the racing action, cash bar facilities. For full information on packages available log onto www.ticketmaster7.com or check out www.excitemanagement.com.au

    With all of the attractions at each event, all that remains now is for you to get out to the event sit back and enjoy all of the on and off track action.

    Series Finale Round 7 of the 2005 YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship Series includes the following classes:

    - YMF Loan Superbike

    - YMF Loan Supersport

    - GYT-R Superstock

    - FX Pro-Twins

    - AMCN 125GP

    - Yamalube NakedBike - Nakedbike-Lites

    - FlexiRider Insurance Formula Xtreme C&D Grade Future Champions

    - Aircom Systems F1 & F2 Sidecar Championship

    Rnd 7- TRACK FACTS – Phillip Island International Raceway
    Back beach Rd Phillip Island

    Parking is allowed around the circuit at no charge. Pit entrance for spectators is free.


    Circuit length: 4.445 km

    Direction: Anti-clockwise

    Spectator circuit information:

    Excellent viewing of circuit from just about every position around circuit. Parking around the circuit on fence line.


    Saturday, Qualifying commences at 09:00am, with racing from approx 2:00pm.

    Sunday, The first race commences at 10:00am. Racing finishes at approx 4.30pm


    Tickets available through Ticketmaster7 prior to the event or at the gate.

    Saturday, General Admission Adult - $20

    Sunday, General Admission Adult - $30

    Family Pass, 2 Adults and up to 5 children under 16 - $50

    Two-day Pass - $30

    Concessions - $20

    Children Under 16 - FREE must be accompanied by an Adult.

    Pit Area Admission – FREE

    Parking – FREE

    Programs - $5.00

    (All admission prices include GST)


    Contact AUSCO on: Tel 02 4984 2488 before Thursday the 10th November or after that date on 0408 241401 for information.


    Hopefully the weather is better than last years round where this happened.

    The Family Ticket could come in handy, considering a few in here behave like 3 year olds at times
  3. Any one heading down to this event, I have been lucky to score a media pass for the 2 days, so it looks like my camera will be busy for a couple of days.
  4. yay steve, you got a media pass!!!!
  5. You just don't know how happy I am to get this opportunity, the way I see it is one step closer to the door opening. Also will be a change to have freedom to take photo's from anywhere.
  6. Hi Steve, mate I plan on heading down,should be
    a good day. :D
    depends on rain or sunshine.

    Hakin :wink:
  7. Please NO RAIN, if it rains I will be so mad it's not funny, went to Heathcote on Sunday it was a washout, it couldn't happen twice. But that's Melbourne weather I guess. :roll:
  8. Actually, you went on Saturday :)
  9. What about Friday???

    I've got a season pass for the series but I cant make it to PI :cry: as I need to be at the other end of the state on the Sunday. And no I cant loan it to anyone else as it's got my name on it for starters. I did get to use it at Eastern Creek, Barbagallo & Winton this year though so it's not all bad.

    Speaking of rain, I was out at Ballarat for the Begonia Car Rally on Saturday (8am-1am). It absolutely pelted rain in the early evening at Rally HQ (the airport) but not a drop out south of Ballarat where the night stages were based for the event. Selective rain I suppose.

    It was rather ugly at PI last year on the Saturday with a lengthy delay while water that flooded Turn 3 was pumped away and it couldn't make up it's mind what it wanted to do on the Sunday. Winton this year was also a weather lottery but all the other rounds have been dry so fingers crossed for PI.
  10. I should be heading down to this. Stopping over Saturday night at a friends place down that way. Any body riding down on saturday looking for a travelmate from Melb?
  11. All set for a great bike weekend, if anyone is heading down and want to catch up with Me and Vic my number is 0411 477 497, we will be staying down there and heading down about 6.30am Saturday morning, if you are looking for us at the track we will be the ugly guys with them yellow vests on and camera's in hand. :D :D
  12. Hope to head of about 8.30am SAT morning.

    If anyone sees a greying fat bloke with black leathers, say g'day.

    Might be awkward if it's not me though. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I have a fob watch chain on my jacket.
  13. Went down on Sat.

    Watched qualies and a couple of races.

    Those 3 wheelers are great.

    That young kid that won a race, 15yrs, is going to be good. #65 bike.

    Great day. Didn't see anyone I knew though.
  14. What a good weekend, weather was great (mmm sunburn). The sidecars are a mean looking machine when undressed, gotta love hove happy the teams are to let you have a look around. Sunday cruise back was really nice. My first weekend out and about on the bike and what fun it was.
  15. 2 glorious days fo racing. Glorious weather as well.

    Having a media pass was awesome, you can get some pretty amazing vantage points and some great shots too.

    Managed over 3,500 photos (15G8) for the 2 days.

    Now, to go through them is going to be painfull :)
  16. 3500 photos....eeep
    I was supposed to be down there today, but it all got canceled....bugger it...
  17. Tease.... :p :p :p :p at least you're sharing tho so us "less fortunates" can drool too..... \:D/ :D