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[Melb] Aussie Day @ Flippers

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. A few events will be happening at HQ over the Australia day celebrations.

    Wednesday (25th) night drinks which of course is BYO from about 7pm with the option of ordering pizzas for dinner.

    Thursday (26th) morning ride, probably down thru Noojee way, not sure of a time or route. Will sort those details out depending on who is coming along. Plan to return to HQ by early afternoon when it will be warming up so we can jump in the kiddy pool and have a few drinks.

    Thursday (26th) afternoon BBQ starting from about 4:30pm which will be BYO drinks and meat. I will supply salads and nibbles.

    So who's interested?

    For anyone who needs the address, send me a PM.

  2. Me, me, me..... i am interested. :grin:
    Especially the ride on Thursday. Thanx to Dan.
    Won't need to bug you to be pillion again phanoongy.
  3. Might be there, really depends on how the fires go, so i guess if i am not there i will be out on the fire ground ;)
  4. Would love to be there Flip, but unfortnuately have to work :(

    Hope its a good day.

  5. And will you be there tonight, tomorrow morning for the ride or tomorrow afternoon for the BBQ? ;) :p
  6. Yes..... yes i will. :grin:
  7. I'll be there for the ride
  8. I'll be there ... ride, bbq. See you tonight
  9. Hey Deb.. I will be calling around for a little while tonight..
  10. No probs Jafu. We will probably talk about details tonight.
    Lets say be at my place at 9am tomorrow and we can work out where we are going. It will be Noojee way tho :)
  11. No problems with that, see you tomorrow
  12. Bugger missed this thread and i was looking to run in the new bike.......bugger.
    can sombody text me when you all back from your run please..........0433811646
  13. sms sent :)
    time to get in the pool we finks :grin:
    BBQ will be later on tho.
  14. We might even gatecrash it tonight too :)

    We are heading off at 7.30pm, will probably lob there around 9.30-10 if anyone is awake great, if not, we'll wake you bastards :)