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[Melb] Attempt to Walhalla - Sun 4th Dec

Discussion in 'VIC' started by firefling, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Seeing how the last ride I attempted and the last ride by Urban never made it to Walhalla, this is another attempt to get to Walhalla!

    Ride to Emerald, up past Macclesfield to Woori Yallock, across to Noojee then onto Walhalla. For those that want to tag along, it's recommended for experienced learners and intermediates Class 3. Please note! If you are slow (well much slower than me, yeah yeah Dean, you got nothing to worry about :p) then you may get left behind.

    Meet: Mobil servo at Rowville cnr Stud and Wellington Rd. Full tanks, so fill your tanks there
    Time: 8:45 leaving 9:15 sharp.
  2. Yep, I'm in.
  3. Sorry, I have a wedding that day. Hmmm, free booze and a feed, hot chicks walking around in a skimpy and revealing dress .... yeah, I'm not too disappointed in missing this ride :D
  4. Count me in but have they finished sealing the road between Gembrook and Launching Place?

    I was out there a few weeks ago and there was still a lengthy unsealed section of about 10 or so k's theres quite alot of deep gravel patches on some sections of the road.
  5. I didn't know the road between Gembrook and Launching Place was going to be sealed!
    Best to go via Woori Yallock.
  6. Why not turn at cockatoo and head to woori yallock and on to launching place instead of via gembrook
  7. don't know what happened there, should have been cockatoo
  8. At the risk of jinxing the whole ride,,,,, I'm in. :D

    Surely I'll have my bike back together by then.
  9. I'm in.

    /me chuckles are forum's automatic censorship, censoring out a completely harmless word and town name like "C0ckatoo"
  10. Might be able to meet yas at Noojee. See how I go. Bike will probably still have Chrissy decorations all over it.

    [Edit] If I am not there, I will try to be at Willow Grove.
  11. No but I wouldn't worry about it. I passed this section few days ago.
  12. Count me in Fling :D
  13. I'll join in on this ride, nice bit of road the other side of Noojie i noticed :wink:

    graeme ( gsxr1000 ) should be coming as well

    cheers "Mother rat"

  14. Yeah ill be in on this ride too.
  15. *sigh* Due to some boys crying over some dirt sections, I'll change the route a bit so we don't hit dirt :p :p :) I'm going to turn up north at Avonsleigh and go along past Macclesfield to Woori Yallock. Happy now boys? ;)
  16. how about this time we actually make it there minna

    :p :p :p

    That'll do for now
  17. I'll be there too ....

    we're bound to make it this time
  18. Count me in. woo hoo!!

    :D :D
  19. Has every one read that its a class 3 ride?????????
  20. Knowing the road past Noojee and up to Walhalla, and the length of the ride involved, the ride pretty much falls firmly into "Class 4", with some Class 5 sections (e.g. the short bit between Icy Creek past Noojee and Hill End which is rather technical).

    I think that most people already realise this though. Even though the OP says it's "Class 3", it's more like Class 4, with some Class 3 road and some Class 5 roads.