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[MELB] ATB in a Day

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Did the 50km ride again today with Lizzy. A bit cool, but good fun nonetheless. The 50km ends up being 66km as we ride from Pt Melbourne to the meet points and the 50km isn't really 50km anyway.

    Lots of kudos to the 100,210 and 250 riders today. The 250k riders left at 5.30am! Fark that for a game of soldiers!

  2. I was going to do the 50km ride as well.

    Then I offered to marshal it on the K12 but as I was in Newcastle and unable to attend the marshals meeting, I was unable to.

    Then I had to collect an interstate family member from the airport and once again was not able to partake in the ride.

    Our new family member is worth me missing the day though ;)

  3. Name? We need a name for this new addition to the family!

    Definitely worth missing for BTW
  4. Meet Wally.

    The breeders named him Wally and it kinda grew on us.

    He went to bed tonight under protest. His eyes were bloodshot after such an epic day and when put to bed he was crying, still wanted to play and explore.

    He's a bit of a dood ;)
  5. vic i'd heard rats make good pets :p

    very cute... the dog not you
  6. A dog's a dog and all dogs are cool. And anyone who loves a dog has a head start (IMO) on anyone who doesn't.
  7. It makes sense... Wally, the... what the heck is he, anyway? Jack russel cross?

    And +1 dogs are good. Unless they have a screw loose. Motorcycle boots are doubly good if a dog decides he wants to bite you somewhere. I love dogs, but sometimes being an intimidating size means nuffy dogs want to attack.
  8. yes, but that's a rat :p
  9. My wife will kill you if she ever runs into you.

    Ive had Rotties, a Chihuahua x something and a blue healer x something.

    We both love dogs, I wanted to get a staffie but she had her heart set on a Chihuahua for a decade or more and being the nice guy that I am, shelled out $1500 for the little dood.
  10. Whoa!
    That's a lot of money for not much dog :eek:
  11. I'm talking all up costs, vet bills to remove his nuts, travel crate, bed, flight & crate hire etc etc.

    The dog was $1100
  12. It's like restaurants. The bigger the plate and the smaller the food, the higher the price.
  13. So how much does a plate of chihuahua cost? :grin:
  14. Depends how flash the restaurant is. :p
  15. Aaaaanyway, back on topic.

    Good to see that the condition of the Werribee man who landed on his head at Olivers Hill has been downgraded from Critical to Stable.

    Disappointed that a car load of hoons caused 13 riders to crash.

    Hope they throw the entire book case at the bastards!!!! :mad:
  16. Look at that head of hair, he's a not a member of your family.........:LOL: :p :p

    Cejay, I was at the Go Bike Expo all weekend, you could have come and said hi....

    So who's up for a big ride? I'm doing a charity ride in 3 weeks, 260km Sat, 160km Sun, no motorbikes allowed! :p All welcome......