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[melb] assistance needed this sunday (14th)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRBob, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Hi guys / girls,
    I know its late notice and it looks like good riding weather too :(

    But if anyone is available for a few hrs this Sun mid morn / arvo
    Im movng units and just need a hand with the bigger stuff , fridge etc

    Pm me if you think you may be able to help

  2. Hey Bob, does that include your G-string collection?? :D :LOL: :oops:
  3. Would love to help out but I am working at 2pm :(
    Good Luck
  4. Nothing to see here, move along.
  5. i've got the mother in law in town so its a bit tricky this weekend but will see if i can get away for an hour or so in the morn. can you pm me your number, will call on sat when i know more
  6. i dont think i would be any help :<

    pm if nobody comes.. ill bring all my muscles

    eswen could repay your favour now :D
  7. What suburb is your place Bob?
  8. I may be able to help and have sent a PM.
  9. sorry i cant, going to see my mum. And thats not something i can back out of; you dont want to see my mum angry.

    What, noone else going to help? even for a couple of hours after they are done riding or before?
  10. To those that have Pm'd me thanks for the offers , now i just have to organise the shifts lol some morning others arvo :p
    Morning shift from 10am ?
    That'll give me time to pick up the trailer etc
    Then those that can help in the arvo, what ever time you can get here is good enough for me :)

    Thanks Lid's for the boxes :)

    you can get me on 0427773135 for the address if yah's dont already have it

    :) 8) :)
  11. whats that? did someone say, "free beer at bobs on sunday"???