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Melb Assessors?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by leturbo, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering whether anyone has a list of good reliable assessors in Melbourne?

    I got shun off the road two weeks ago and the repair bill on the RSVR (2001) topples at $14k. Basically the (other driver's) insurer sent out an assessor who doesn't know (and admitted it) anything about the bike. He declared the bike to be written off and got the market value after discussion with the manager of the salvage/repair shop. The figure that they came up with was lesser than what I had anticipated for. I just recently (2 months?) bought the bike for that amount excluding the transfer fees and the major service that I had to do. I was hoping to get an extra grand to cover these expenses and call it a bad luck and lucky to be alive. At the moment I just feel so rotten...

    Alternatively I can sell the bike as it is - as a track bike?... but the sad thing is I really liked it :(

    I thought it was interesting how they came up with the market value though. Having spoken to both the repair shop manager and the assessor, the market value was based on how much they would pay for the bike and not the advertised value. To me it sounds like a trade in value more than anything and usually that'ld be a rip off. I thought market value would be how much it would cost to replace the bike immediately - not friggin 3-6 months down the track.

    The last resort I suppose is to get a solicitor involved. I skipped this initally to avoid from dragging it on. Anyway any help would be appreciated. Thanks