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[Melb] Anzac Day not-so-shortish ride. Monday 25th.

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Chairman, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Werribee, Bacchus Marsh, Daylesford (lunch), Trentham, Woodend. (AKA Western region ride on the Events Calendar)

    ~280km, learner friendly

    Depart 10.30am from 7/11 in Synnot St Werribee. Second pick up at the BP servo in Main St Bacchus Marsh

    Post if you plan to join us. If you don't have a bike and would like to ride pillion, please let me know ASAP and I will endeavour to find you a seat.

    Thanks to Voyager for preparing the route.
  2. I thought this one was going to be on Sunday not the Monday. If you are going to keep it for Monday then I will have to say no.
  3. Hmmm. Day off. Renovation finished. Tacker with the oldies.
    My, God! I think I'm in!
  4. Well, obviously I'll come along. Someone needs to run TEC and laugh when Chairman misses all the corners, taking everyone else along with him.
  5. A seat, or a chair ??? :p
  6. No sidecar for this one. 280km is just too much musclework.
  7. Bugger. When you load up the chair, you become the ONLY bike on the road that I can occassionally overtake...
  8. Would love to but that's the Anzac Day Essendon vs Collingwood game, can't miss it. Have fun lads.
  9. Forgone conclusion, Collingwood get the Colliwobbles and lose by 40pts.

    Now get yourself and your bike on the ride. :p
  10. will be in if the weather is good.... Mrs doesn't allow wet or windy rides......
  11. Chairman,

    I'm a likely....(sick of going to the east), I want to go WEST!!!

  12. Weather pending I'll be there :)
  13. I would join in, but it's ANZAC Day, I doubt I'll be capable of riding a barstool, let alone anything with wheels. :shock:

    Enjoy the day andstay safe :)
  14. Dave, you better go join Scumbag then, I hear he'll be waaaay past even being able to SEE a barstool by that time...
  15. Long range forecast for Monday - potential for a few light showers, mostly fine though. Weekend is supposed to be perfect though, so hopefully Monday follows the trend.
  16. Ok folks - looking for a seat to take a pillion passenger. Weather looks good, company will be great, magnificent scenery and great roads. Reasonable start time - what more could you want?

    Be there, or be....somewhere else.
  17. who is the passenger first!!!!!! :LOL:
  18. A charming and personable young Netrider, experienced on a bike and an attractive asset to any machine. It isn't Manny's mum, so groberts, you can relax - no-one's trying to cut your lunch.

    To maintain the air of suspense (cos you bloke's would get all competative if I named her) I'll PM you with the mystery-pillion's identity.
  19. Is she fat?
  20. Thanks. I've now managed to irrigate my sinuses with tea... :shock: :LOL: :shock: