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[Melb] Anyone up for a ride tomorrow (Thursday 24th Nov)?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Guest, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. I have decided I'm gonna be sick tomorrow (**cough cough**). Stookie and I plan to head up Mountain Hwy and eventually up to the Black Spur :D :D :D.

    If anyone wants to join us, PM me for my moby and we can arrange a meeting point and time (still undecided). We will have lunch somewhere.

    :D :D

  2. Don't make it too late for lunch, Bom says "the risk of isolated showers and thunderstorms about the outer
    eastern suburbs during the afternoon
  3. Thanks Mouth, we will see how we go. I don't like rain. lol!!

    :D :D
  4. Taking the video camera with you, Lids? :LOL: :wink:
  5. ROFL, well I do have video on my phone. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    :D :D
  6. Re: [Melb] Anyone up for a ride tomorrow (Thursday 24th Nov)

    Already a handful of us from OzFirestorm and OCAU.mc doing a spur run tomorrow, starting near Narre Warren North around 10-10:30. Might see ya along the way. Lunching in Marysville.
  7. Re: [Melb] Anyone up for a ride tomorrow (Thursday 24th Nov)

    I got 2moro off as well Dale
  8. Well if you're not doing anything else, meet us at the servo cnr Narre Warren North Rd and Heatherton Rd at 10am.
  9. Thats where its a T-intersection yeh?

    How many hrs will the ride be?
  10. Well I might just need too take a few hours off for a quick spin, if I keep working until midnight I may be able to make it. Might catch up with a few of you at the Narre start point.
  11. I'll be at that servo around 6am........topping up on the way to work ya bastards.........hope you all have a good day, and raise ya glasses to us poors sods who have to work today......
  12. No it's not a T-intersection. It's the intersection at the top of the hll just south of the tank museum.

    It'll probably take us until mid afternoon.
  13. I've gotta be back by midday :(
  14. What a great day, enjoyed the ride and the company, the roads are so much sweeter without traffic.

    Now for them pics to rub things in!
  15. Looks like you guys had a great day, fark all traffic and no rain.

    the pics are great.

    Cheers ratty

  16. So did Lids and Stookie ride today, we failed too see the hardley across any road that we were on :eek: :LOL:
  17. Stookie, Lil and myself met up at Maccas in East Doncaster and headed through Warrandyte, Kangaroo Ground, Christmas Hills, Yarra Glen to Healesville.

    We stopped at the Shell in Healesville where Stookie and myself filled up. Unfortunately, Stookie couldn't get his bike started afterwards. I'm sure he will fill everyone in on the finer details. We piss farted around here and there and then decided to head home the same way with Stookie leaving his bike at the servo and getting on the back with Lil. Spewing, we didn't get to do the Black Spur but it was a great day nevertheless. Thanks Stookie and Lil. :)

    Stookie, I hope there is nothing majorly wrong with the Hardley.

    :D :D
  18. Thats a bugger about stookies bike, hope it all turns out good. If you need a hand with anything let me know. At least you got some riding in Lids, the black spur is not going anywhere soon.