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[Melb] anyone interested...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by toar_rl, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. ... in a FUN RUN... yeah wooo :p

    either monday, tuesday or wednesday as i go back to the trenches (work)thursday :cry:

    The run will not be dissimilar to chef's run on saturday:


    Sounds like you all had a good time and glad to hear the offs were not too serious.

    Chef i hope you don't mind that i used your template as i was not creative enough to think of it... cheers:

    Meet Point: BP service station where Burwood Hwy meets Furntreegully Rd

    Meet Time: 10:30am for 10:45 departure

    End Point: Safeway near meet point

    Ride Class: Judging by the descriptions i'd say this is class 3 - intermediate however i would assume as this is a weekday run and sort of short notice the group will be smaller and therefore we can play it by ear.

    Distance: Approx. 300-350 kms

    Ride Duration: Approx. 4hrs (including stops)

    Ride is quick pass through dandy mountains, up gembrook/launching place, up warburton for pit stop

    old warburton road up warburton hwy(thruogh reefton spurs) until turn off to marysville, pit stop just before spurs for petrol/break

    through spurs and head home on healsville/koo wee rup/worri yallock

    we can then break and see how everyone is so then either head home or i know a few nice roads towards pakemham and/or beaconsfield

    So I hope you guys can make it look forward to meet some net riders (i've only met a small number of you)

    Look forward to some responses soon and we can confirm the day according to the majority.

  2. I could be tempted, I'll decide based on which day you pick and how my week folds out.
  3. well the day i decide will be based on the responses, so which is your preference Loz?
  4. <homer>I.... don't.... know.</homer>
  5. Hey firstly thanks for reposting....

    I have someone who has monday 1 person for monday so far and Loz is undecided?
  6. Come on Loz...since when do you say no? :grin:
  7. I tried keeping up with Roarin today for about 30km and it's completely shaggerated me! I should admit, he was riding a dirt bike on knobbly tyres and stuffing about, and I was riding a road bike on race tyres and riding my arse off. Either way, I'm completely knackered.

    Tomorrow's gonna be real hot too. How bout tues or wed?
  8. i'm up for all three days, Goin on monday with keith,

    loz u let me know which day ur keen for (tues or wed) and i willl also go

    and anyone else is welcome, just to let ya'll know

    Keith and I are meeting monday morning 10.30am at BP where Burwood hwy and furntree gully road....

    i added it in the calender, not sure if it worked properly...

    anyway feel free to come, my number is 0402 843 845 in case u wana confirm any details...

  9. toar, i thought you were going back to work today?
    arrr well some people have to work!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.