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[Melb] Anyone interested...

Discussion in 'VIC' started by toar_rl, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. ... in a 3-4 hour FUN run including stops either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I have annual leave and go back to the trenches (work) starting THursday... :cry:

    when or if i get any responses/comfirmations we can set the day, i'm flexible

    If you want details its not disimilar to Chef's run:


    Well done on the organisation, it sounded like everyone had a good time and it was a shame i couldn't make it. Glad to hear the offs weren't too serious.

    Chef i hope u don't mind that i use your template but i lack in creative skills :LOL:

    Meet Point: BP service station where Burwood HWY and Furntree Gully Rd meet.

    Meet Time: 10:30am for 10.45 departure

    End Point: Safeway on Burwood hwy not far from meet point

    Ride Class: Judgeing by the descriptions of the classes i'd say 3 - intermediate. This should be a smaller group as it is a weekday so we can play it by ear.

    Distance: Approx. 300-350kms

    Ride Duration: Approx. 4hrs (including stops)

    Ride is quick pass through dandy mountains, up gembrook/launching place, up warburton for pit stop

    old warburton road up warburton hwy(thruogh reefton spurs) until turn off to marysville, pit stop just before spurs for petrol/break

    through spurs and head home on healsville/koo wee rup/worri yallock

    stop to see weather the group would like to continue or not as there are a couple of other roads towards pakemham and beaconsfield

    So yeah hopefully can meet some new faces from net rider

    cheers all