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[MELB] Anyone fancy a ride somewhere ?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Removed_User_5, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Hey all Im looking for a partner or 5 to go out for a ride today.
    I get lost alot cos Im crap with locations .
    Just got my Hornet and want to do a decent twist run but dont want to come off and be on my own........
    So another rider with the day off and the enthusiasm for a squirt somewhere would be great......


  2. when, where and what time were you thinking off?
  3. when....lunchtime.....where.....spur,christamshills....?????
    just going to vic roads to change my bike into my name...take me 10 min...
    its a 250.....not a big hornet....
  4. Would love to come on a ride but don't think my boss would appreciate it :p
  5. Stookie,
    I may be able to make it, depending on time and location.
    This would be my first ride with others (had a bike since June last year). Would that be a problem for what you have in mind?

  6. Just watch out for the leaf litter and garbage on the roads after last nights storms.
    Some were pretty vicious

  7. not at all....will go get the bike registered and come back and arrange a time.
    Im in Kew so looking at meeting around the maccas on corner of doncaster and blackburn road.
    Will confirm time when I get back......
    I just want some company.....all welcome.
  8. company heh, im not up for a ride but Im happy to come over and use your air con ;)
    I have dvds!!
  9. bugger,

    would love to come but i just got my kids back

    oh well, next time
  10. Sorry Eswen, i got no aircon but a massive cooling fan works a treat.
    I want to ride my bike , its so new and shiny.

    ok Im all ready to go somewhere now, vic roads taken care of, insurance....all done....whos coming ?
  11. OMG! I am green with envy!! Congratulations!!

    Think of an excuse i can give to take the arvo off, and I'm THERE!
  12. Stookie,
    Got a few things finished and will join you if that's ok. Will take about 20 minutes to get to the maccas you mentioned.

  13. ok AC.....what you riding ?

    Meet there at 1230 so it gives us time due to traffic.
    Where you coming from ?

    looks like its just me and you !
  14. I'll be the old bloke on the little red bandit

  15. No worries mate.....im the mad scotsman on the black hornet.

    See you there......0433811646.....just incase. If I dont answer im riding.

    cya soon
  16. cant make 1230 wife aint back to look after younguns yet. oh wells next time or then might go out myself later this arvo
  17. very jealous

    wish i wasnt working

    have fun
  18. Stookie - I think I hate you.. :evil: :wink:
  19. :WStupid: Don't take that literally hun ;)