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[Melb] Any tyre offers on at the mo?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by nearlyempty, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Looking for something sporty (Hi-Sport, Sportec, that sort of thing) for the S. I'm currently running the Metzelers, but would like to try something else.

    Anyone know of any deals at the moment?
  2. Not sure on the deals but i just swapped over onto the Pirelli Diablo Strada for the rear... and now can't bloody find a front to match!

    Also, dropped in to Bob Jane TMart at the top of Elizabeth St and the usual guy thats always been great (owns an '03 Fireblade) has left! :( The new guy there is nice and helpful, but considering he doesn't currently even own a bike... it kinda puts me off a little bit.

    Anyone know of any other good tyre shops (other than Pablo's) in/near the CBD?

    PS. Sorry to hijack your thread nearlyempty... but it's for a good cause. :grin:
  3. I just got front/rear set of Pirella Diablo Corsa's for $399 yesterday from Freestyle Honda in Kananook (North Frankston), which is in the same store where Top Gear Motorcycles used to be.

    I had Metzeler M1's fitted before.
  4. Thief.