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[Melb] Annual Netrider FREE Xmas BBQ for members, Sat 3 Dec

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. FREE Netrider Xmas BBQ for all members and their families. We will supply the sausages, bread, salad, and cordial. You supply the chairs, soccer balls, and fun.

    Date: Sat 3rd December, 2005
    Time: 11:00am - > 2:00pm
    Westfield Picnic/BBQ Shelter
    Westfield Reserve
    Cnr Heidelberg & Yarra Bend Road, Fairfield
    Melway Ref. Map 30 H12

    Parking area is off Yarra Bend Rd.

    Netrider has booked and paid for (many months ago) exclusive use of the bbq shelter.

    Please bring with you any special dietary foods.

    Note: Make sure you have your Netrider membership card, as you'll need it for the free feed :)

    Full details:

    For catering purposes (so we buy enough sausages, bread, salad, etc.), PLEASE take 2 minutes to visit https://netrider.net.au/?page=xmasbbq and RSVP with how many people are attending. MANY THANKS!
  2. Cool, see no reason why i wont be there :D
  3. Yep same as booga, no reason why I can't make it, so count me in. Egiste will probably come too. His gf will be back by then, so do we get her a membership or will it be ok to throw some extra snags on too? :)

    Edit: The spelling mistaques were unintentionally asking for comments. :LOL:
  4. I'm looking forward to it. :D :D :D
  5. Just wondering if anything happens after 2pm?
    Or does everyone just go home .... :shock: :D
  6. We all get turned into pumpkins and frogs.... oops wrong story :LOL:
  7. I'll be there, but I'll confirm whether Liam (little bro') is coming closer to the date. It would be good if people who have kids could give an indication as to whether they are likely to be coming (the knids, that is :wink: )to help with the decision making.

    :D :D :D
  8. I think Eswen is proposing a geek situation afterwards in another thread...
  9. Alternatively, the Fairfield Boathouse is close by (walking distance) and one or two could rent a rowboat to cruise on the Yarra.
    Very nice. :D :D :D
  10. thats correct :)

    Im up for this, walking distance from my place! :D

    Vegetarians provided for?
  11. Yep. Working on the jeers, abuse and waving meat in your face even now.
  12. Going on past impressions, I think there is a high probability of Chocolate too. :D
  13. We could slaughter a beast and carve it on the spot, just to ensure freshness. Are there joists in the shelter we can hang it from?

    Fresh blackpudding anyone?
  14. Just as well I'm fond of Frogs then isn't it :p

    Asking 'cos I wouldn't be able to get there till 3pmish :(
  15. Er thanks - something a little more 'active' would be nice :)
  16. Now that sounds more like it :D
    How about some NetRider Racing - row boat style :p
  17. Free food hey.. well i am supposed to be in sydney for work but seeming as though i have severe staffing problems at the moment i dont think i will be going. so save a snag for me...
  18. Well I made it to the last one, I'll check with Mel to see what we have on and try to make it to this one too. I should have the bike back by then...
  19. ??? what's wrong with the steed, deyago???
  20. Yep I will be there and hopefully I will be able to bring the step niece along.

    :D :D