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[Melb] and [NSW] Meet Keith Code

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by G, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Just got this email from California Superbike School (Aus):

    Meet Keith Code!...
    Disappointed that you missed the boat in attending a Cornering School with Keith Code himself at the helm?...or...are you booked in for one of these events, and interested in seeing a different side of the man who is Keith Code? If you answered yes to either of these questions...have we got the deal for you!

    Come along and hear one of the worlds foremost authorities on motorcycling talk about his amazing career. From how he developed the riding technology that is now globally accepted as the most successful system ever, through to some of the personalities and champions he's trained. Not only that, you'll get a chance to ask him the questions you never thought you'd get to ask. He'll also happily sign any piece of motorcycling memorabelia that you care to bring along for the signing, or you can purchase one of his world wide best selling "A Twist of the Wrist" products on the night.

    Want to know the times and places? Thought you might...

    Date - Sunday 15th of January
    Time - 6pm (cash bar open from 5pm)
    Venue - Eastern Creek Raceway - Horsley Centre (access through gate 7)
    Cost - Free!

    Date - Thursday 19th of January
    Time - 7pm (cash bar open from 6pm)
    Venue - Bells Hotel, Cnr Moray & Coventry Sts, STH MELBOURNE, 3205 (Ph 9690 4511)
    Cost - Free!

    So come along and 'Meet the Man' that changed motorcycle riding for ever!
  2. Cheers! See you there :)
  3. Free? FREE??? Will wonders never cease???
  4. News: Meet Keith Code, founder of Superbike School

    If your in Melbourne or Sydney next week, here's your chance to meet and listen to Keith Code, founder of the California Superbike School.

    ... more

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  6. hmmm a block from my work...

    If I ever met him I would probably blurt out "Your books are good but your DVD is the worst piece of crapola I have ever seen"... So I had better stay away hahaha
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  8. eeewwwww (this messsage is not too short... its just.... to the point)
  9. :!: that's too much even for me .... :?
  10. Uh oh. Calendar in melt down. I'm booked in for lesson sessions at the club.
  11. *bump*

    Jay and I will be there around 7 - 730 and eating there as well.

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  12. Aarrghhh!!!

    I only just opened this thread. Tonight, and I can't go!!!!

    *ANGUISHED WAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
  13. I went and it was good. Keith was chatty, the Q&A session was fun, all up, not bad for a free night.
  14. I didnt see the thread just went with LIL.....unfortunatly we got there as it was finishing up. Lil thought it started at 8pm.
    Nevermind. Another time !
  15. & I went to the Moonlight Cinema & had a lovely time ...... :grin: :p

    Have copy of his book @ home anyhows :)
  16. Sounds like it was a good night.
    I had prebooked a lesson on how to get my balls in the pocket.
  17. They must be big pockets then!! :grin:
  18. hehehehehehehe