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[Melb] Alpinestars Knee Protectors

Discussion in 'Archived' started by DarkHorse, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. Flea-bayed these a few weeks ago, thinking I would use them, but haven't and don't think I will, so time to go.


    They are in pretty good nick - the elastic is a bit tired but the actual armour is good and the pivots are nice and smooth.

    Comes in original mesh bag, for what that's worth :)

    Asking $50.
  2. Do they have a size?

    If you think they'll fit an average bloke I'll take em - or at least come down to try them on.

    Are you around South Yarra Much? Or do learner ride etc?
  3. Define average!

    I think they're one size fits all, but I'll check when I get home. They sit OK on me, I'm 171cm and 75kg, the elastic is just a bit loose (tired and stretched, easy fix to sew it back on itself if necesary.)

    I'm not often around SY, but I work in the city Wed-Sun, so can arrange to meet up when it suits.

    EDIT: Just checked, and no size on them. Adult 1SFA I guess.
  4. I'll probably drop around this weekend sometime if I get the time and you are around. I'm a similar build to you so am guessing the pads should fit fine. I've decided that I hate the look of draggins (I have two different kinds) so am probably going to sell them to buy K-Legs then I can wear whatever I want, along with knee-guards.
  5. Do they fit under kevlar jeans?
  6. Would depend on the fit - they are a bit bulky but I could wear them under my Draggins (that's why I bought them.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.