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Melb-Albury - the Long Way Round

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by kazhere, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. I'm planning to ride to Albury on the weekend and would
    like to go the interesting route. I was thinking via Yea, Mansfield,
    Whitfield and Beechworth would be great. Has anyone done this before?
    Got any advice or hints? Is it do-able in a day?

    I just saw the post about the road to Mansfield via Jamison, that was another option I was considering but so not wanting to do gravel

    Thanks in advance
  2. Road Option

    Hey There, I'm from Albury and me and a mate went to the melbourne motorcycle expo Albury, Beechworth, Oxley, Whitfield, Mansfield, Alexandria, Black Spur, Healesville, Melbourne.

    This is Very Do able in a day, We went from Alexandria to Melbourne Expo and back to Albury in a day.

    Black Spur surface and road is the best i have ridden and the twisties between Mansfield and Whitfield have a bit of gravel here and there but other than that it is a good road.

    I have road descriptions i can email you from books i have read and websites i have found so ekmail me and i will reply with these attached if you like

    Mansfield to Black spur is not much fun but if you have time i have been told that the road from Alexandria to Fraser National park is worth a ride just to break it up (50km round trip from Alexandria)

    It was a good ride and i have also been told to steer clear of the Black Spur Sunday Afternoons as traffic can get pritty full on.
  3. Thanks for that - I'm too new to pm or email but I've now had a slight change of plans. Going via Mt Hotham tomorrow and staying on the mountain tomorrow night. Then going to head to Albury via a quick detour to Falls Creek - yeehaa! :)