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[Melb] Alannah & Madeline Foundation Christmas run, Dec

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Saturday, December 17th, 2005
    The Alannah & Madeline Foundation Christmas Angels run.

    Many of you who attended the AMF christmas angels ride last year it is on again.
    Last year we had over 40 bikes , so lets top that this year
    It hasnt been confirmed or the Venue at the moment.
    I wont go into details at the moment, due to restrictions placed on the foundation we might not be doing a run to the kids houses but have one venue (ie BBQ in the park ) .
    But i am still in contact with the foundation and as soon as this all is worked out i will place up a post with all the details.
    but until then just a heads up with the date.

    below is the link

    Founded by AMF volunteers Dimitria Halvargis and Andrea Skinner, the AMF’s annual Little Things @ Christmas Program provides presents and food hampers to needy children and families at Christmas-time.

    In 2004, more than 1,000 children across Australia received a present under the AMF’s Little Things @ Christmas Program. In many cases these were the only gifts the children received.

    The presents were donated from various retailers, companies, community organisations and individuals. 2004 supporters included toy manufacturer Blue Opal Australia and Melbourne Aquarium.

    Every year, the AMF is helped by Santas on wheels to hand-deliver Christmas gifts to children around Melbourne. In 2004, motorcycle riders from the Patriots Motorcycle Club, Motorcycle Riders Association and Netriders & Australian Hayabusa Club donned reindeer antlers and tinsel, bringing much joy to children who have been victims of violence or experienced the sudden loss of a family member.

  2. Sounds like a damn good cause. Thanks Glen.
  3. Thanks alot for the post, sounds like a great cause and hopefully will be able to be involved.

    Also if anyone has any ideas or charities they are involved with, please send me a pm, i am interested in participating in helping with a charity to assist children on a part time basis.

    Although I would struggle to commit a regular time frame because of work and a back injury i would definitely be keen to find out about any organisations that any netriders deal with where i might be able to help.


  4. That's a great idea. I'd be very interested in joining in. Will confirm closer to date but at this stage I see no problems.
  5. Re: [Melb] Alannah & Madeline Foundation Christmas run,

    https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=add :wink:
  6. Re: [Melb] Alannah & Madeline Foundation Christmas run,

    sorry jas, it wasnt supposed to be a confirmed ride post just a heads up at the moment for people to keep it free and also to show everyone they also got a mention on the site .
    as soon as i confirm all the details and work out these issues with the AMF i will add it to the calender and put it up properley as a ride post.
  7. I made it last year, and it was one of the most rewarding things I did in the year. I'll be there again if I'm still needed for it.

    Those who made it last year will understand why I say this. Those who didn't - make the effort. You'll understand why the instant you reach the first destination.
  8. The Alannah & Madeline Foundation Thread 2

    Saturday, December 17th, 2005
    The Alannah & Madeline Foundation Christmas Angels run.

    We now have the issues sorted and there is some good and bad news .

    1. The Christmas angels run wont be like last year when we went to the childrens homes and delivered the presents but will be a FAMILY DAY in one of the parks.

    2. There will be a restriction of 15 Bikes / people to attend.

    3. All persons ( riders) who attend will have to under go a Police Check.
    This Police check will be paid for by the foundation and it will take approx 7-8 weeks to get.

    4. Due to this Any person voleenteering to attend that day MUST be able to commit this far in advance and the foundation cant replace you as they will not be able to get checks completed in time.
    So if you are willing to commit to the day then you must attend.

    5. I havent clarified the details as yet but we will be looking at a BBQ so it will probably be about 3 or so hours of the day instead of the whole day.

    6. because of the limited number of places not all who are able to commit may be able to go , so The main group will come from the patriots then a selection of differant Bikes from Netrider and MRAA and Hayabussa Club.
    So I appoligise for that now.

    What is required.
    Anyone who can commit defentially to the date please Email me on
    groberts03@optusnet.com.au or ring me on my mobile 0425873437
    ( i am on at work tonight so you can ring through out the night no problems)
    Once we have which bikes and riders will be able to attend i will email you or asking for a Home address or somewhere that you can recieve mail, (unless you want to drop into the foundation and fill one out in person.) so The AMF can mail you a Police check form, then fill this out and return it to the foundation asap.
    They will pay for the checks to be done and then on the day each rider will be checked off.

    I am sorry for the logistics of this all and some who want to do the run again this year will miss out , but this is the way things are going these days , it is a sad state of affairs when the charity has to get police checks for anyone who comes incontact with the kids.
    Let me stress this is not the foundations fault this is what is required of them.

    One bonus though , the foundation is negotiating with the insurance people to allow riders to take the kids for rides this year , so keep your fingers crossed.

    I need to supply a list of riders by friday 14th october 2005 with the details .
  9. Due too the restrictions today will be the last chance to volenteer if you are able to do so.
    if you can comit to the day , (please read above post carefully first)
    please email me before midnight tonight .

    thanks again

  10. Good onya Glenn, hope it all goes well.

    Down here the Toy run is in doubt this year, due to that old bug-bear "public liability insurance"

    Pretty sad that the Govt will sting riders $15 a year for "safety initiatives" (read revenue raising) but won't help raise $25,000 for the required signs, or even lend the signs/support from the Dept Transport.

    B@st@rds!! Tas has had the biggest turnout per capita of riders of all states, to have it put in doubt due to penny pinching Pollies, Beaurocrats and greedy Insurance Companies is just plain WRONG


    I have just finished speaking to Debbie
    The Familys were dissapointed about the ride being cancelled for a park day .

    From temporary plans it will be like last year with 2 runs , south eastern and northern.
    we will try and divide the bikes up 6 on each run , but we will probably need to break up the Patriots with 3 on each run .
    but the guest riders ( from here and MRAA) we can hopefully slot in there own areas ( so if you come from the east try and slot on that run )etc.

    so each run will need a helmet and jacket and gloves for the kids.
    I will contact everyone shortly and we will see who can bring helmets , jackets and gloves with them.
    ( these rides will be conducted within the boundry of all road rules of course, as far as child being big enough to pillon and full safety gear, and road rules , the rides will just be around the block , short little trips) .

    Lunch will be on that day as we did last year , but it will probably be a bigger day than the couple of hours that we expected 4-5 hrs

    Because of the Police check it will still be restricted to the 12 we have at the moment , but hopefully we can get it up to 15 next year (a far drop from our 45-55 bikes from last year

    Commonsense and the kids have had a partial victory .

    I just wanted to pass on the good news to everyone .
  12. Hey Grobbie, just a quick thanks for sorting this ride out. I'm sure everyone who came along would agree it was a brilliant way to spend a day. Some of the kids went bananas, others were shy, others were petrified.

    But all of them were bloody excited, and the ones that dared to jump on the back of our bikes had an absolute ball - including a granny who was petrified of the idea at first but ended up complaining that Foggy wouldn't go faster! Heartwarming stuff anyway, it was great.

    We got caught in a massive downpour out somewhere on Stud Rd, it was bucketing down and hailing so we ducked into a servo for 10 minutes. Then it stopped as suddenly as it had arrived, and by the time we got to the next house the roads were dry and the sky was blue. Bizarre weather.

    Anyway cheers mate, we had a ball!
  13. yes it was a great day
    when we write up the proper ride report etc then I will send out a email to it etc .

    I would like to thank each and everyone of you who took the time out of there busy( festive season ) weekend to make life special for some kids.
    On the northern run we dodged it ( The rain) and only got sprinkled on for about 30 sec 2 times.
    we had the bikes going , and the ones who couldnt reach the footpegs on the harley we stuck on foxys suzuki or my storm .
    we even took a few mums for a blat as well.
    At the end I took Debbie on the storm for a ride and craig took the other AMF rep (annabel I think) , They will remember those rides

    :wink: :LOL:
    anyway once again thanks too all for your valuable input , time, effort .
    Without you we couldnt have done this .

    One other person : Vic, ( yes big baldy from here) when they looked like the ride part was going to be cancelled and a BBQ day before it was placed back to the run offered to take the photos for the day .
    Unfortunatley that was possible because of the privacy issues , but I know they appeciated the offer and were extremally upset they couldnt except it ........Thanks Vic .

  14. Hey glen

    Glad to see it finally went of ok,

    when are they gonna stop mucking around with it, sorry I could'nt help out, at the time we had to register, wasn't sure i'd be in town or not well maybe next year unless the rules change again
  15. after feb next Patriots GM we will try and lock it in .
    Unfortunatley we are still bound by the police checks , but the run looks like it will stay and the rides for the kids.
    I spoke with Deb at the AMF last week , and said if all goes well that if its locked in to the third saturday of december each year people can place that day aside ( ie as the toyrun each year on the 2nd saturday)
    I have asked also to approach the board of the AMF as see if I get seek sponsarship from the motorcycling community ( peter stevens , honda etc etc ) to get them to pay for the police checks , then we can turn out large quanity of bikes. back to the 50 or so like last year.
    I know its hard to forcast that far in advance , but this way we can start the checks by mid year and then there is no rush or restrictions on group size.
    the police checks are going to have to continue , we stop that , but if people are committed and can forcast for the future( months ahead , which isnt allways possible) I think it can exceed what we did last year.
    unfortunatley the way things are going these days its getting harder , but we will keep fighting for the run , the rides .