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[MELB] AceKarts Go Karting Day - Sat 24th June

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Miss_dj, May 23, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Again i have come to rescue you all from the winter boredom!!! \:D/

    WHEN: Sat 24th Jun
    TIME: 2pm
    WHERE: AceKarts - 20 Carrington Drive, Sunshine (aka Albion)
    COST: $65.00pp (Superkarts) (Usually $70, however 'cause im spesh its $65)



    Monaco :driver:

    So its the same deal as before, pay the 50% deposit of $32.50 into my account and ill pay the deposit on my card...

    Also please note that the sooner the deposits paid, the less likely chance of someone else taking our spot. We have a tentitive booking so deposits are required a.s.ap :tantrum:

    If you have any questions, please PM me

    Lots a luv
    -Jamie :beer:

    People possibly coming so far:

    Meeeee - PAID
    Gecko - PAID IN FULL (Confirmed) <<< THANKS HEAPS!!!
    Vic - PAID (Confirmed)
    Blade - PAID (Confirmed)
    Goosh - PAID (Confirmed)
    Matt232 - PAID IN FULL (Confirmed) <<<THANKS HEAPS!!!
    Fireblade - PAID (Confirmed)
    Chicken Man + 2 - PAID (Confirmed)
    Cejay - PAID IN FULL (Confirmed) <<<THANKS HEAPS!!!
    Ronin11 - TO PAY

    Stack Monkey aka Krutch Monkey + 1

    By the way here are my bank details:

    BSB: 064001
    ACC: 10504712
  2. Yeah i'm up for this, missed the last one, looks mad as...

  3. That's the day of our bloody annual stock take....... sux don't it....next time..
  4. Put my name down i'll be there :grin: :dance:

    Hakin :wink:
  5. add me to the list for this one
  6. bring on the 9HP!!!!
  7. By the way peoples, there HAS to be a minimum of 10 people!!!!

    Also as last time we wanted to have a BBQ and we were dished with some crap weather, Acr Karts have a mad undercover BBQ area.
    Maybe this time we could do a BBQ...

    Let me know yay or nay....
  8. dont think the leg will be up to it , will have to see how it is closer to the date .
  9. Hey Bren,

    Hope you can make it providing that your leg is all good to go...
    Dont do anything to jeopardise it though...

    Omg im sooo excited and i cant wait for all the horse power between my legs....

    heheheheheh :)
  10. if you come over i will show you some real horse power.............lol :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. hey.... im keen. put me down as poss, just gota make sure the days clear 4 me
  12. I'll be there Jamie :grin:

    Money will be in your account next Thursday!!
  13. Whats the deal peeps???

    Is no-one interested??? (Apart from those that have expressed it)

    If we dont get a minimum of ten people, then the deal will have to change...

    So C'mon ladies and gents, the last one was a blast and im 100% sure this one will be even better considering its a much better track, hot 9HP karts and of course, ill be there!!! hehehe
  14. Hey Jamie,

    You can put me down for a +1 coz I have one mate that's a definite and I'm working on another couple of guys at the moment and will confirm by tomorrow :cool:

    Come on people, please show some interest & if you can make it along let Miss DJ know coz the last one was heaps of fun and this one should be even better :grin:
  15. Im adefinate. Just need your details to drop in cash. Pm or email me ta :grin:
  16. You'll be there ya ball sack :LOL: :LOL:
  17. I will be there plus 2
  18. Ok peoples.... Only 8 more days to get your deposits in!!!!
    Ive extended the cut-off date to be Monday the 12th of June...
    If you need more time ie: If you get paid on the 15th, PM me and we can organise something....

    Take care and chat soon....

  19. Yo,

    I guess that is it for this round of kart freaks?

    If you havent paid yet and you want to come, then you best be doing something about it pretty quickly ;)

    Bring on the karts :driver: :driver: \:D/ \:D/