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[MELB] 4BQ at Flippers, Sunday 23rd April

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Yayyy, it's back!!! \:D/
    Whats a 4BQ? It's 4 x BBBB Q!!!

    Big Brother Bar-B-Que

    Date: Sunday 23rd April
    Time: 6pm onwards - BB06 starts at 7:30pm
    BYO: Meat and grog.
    We will supply salads and nibbles.

    For those that are having a long weekend and want to drink, there are a couple of spare beds available.
    And NO, I am not going to tie you to a bloody chair and make you watch Big Brother, you are quite welcome to sit out the back in the BBQ area with the fire going OR watch the WSB.

    Deb and Dave

    PS, Daves not a big BB fan so I am tipping he will be out the back by the fire ;)
  2. Re: (MEL8) 4BQ @ HQ - Sunday 23rd April

    I'd say the fire will be the place to be seen at that BBQ.

    I'd like to add defacing BBQ in this manner is totally unforgivable!!! :evil:
  3. Bring on Big Brother Uncut! :LOL: :bolt:
  4. Well we might have to set up 2 TV's, The WSB from Spain are also on from 7:30pm - 1am.
    Both BB06 and WSB will be on at HQ :grin:
  5. Will be there at some stage of the day/night.

    Not a BB fan but just can not stay away from you guys.
  6. It's all good Bren. Both Big Brother AND the WSB from Spain will be on at HQ this Sunday night :grin:
  7. SweeeeeEEEEEeeeeeet!

    Hello boys!

    I'll be there. Unless I'm not.
  8. Does that mean we can move the bbq and fir inside with th tv?
  9. I think the Big Brother watchers can be outside with the fire and the 'other' big TV while the WSB's are on in the loungeroom.
  10. sounds fair :grin:
  11. Ill br there but Im afraid it will have to be the wsb for me atleast till uncut comes on cause Im with Rolla on that one :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Lil and her new strapon accesory should make it too.
    The ultimate bling for any bike, a scotsman andy strapped on the back.

  13. I'll be there, and I might bring #1 son too.
  14. i'll be there for the WSB :grin:
  15. I'll pop by for a while :)

  16. Should we expect your little friend as well? :grin:
  17. What is the address of this fine even?? I would love to come.
  18. Check your PM Gowran, I have sent the address :)
  19. Last time I checked my little friend was firmly attached ;)

  20. hmmmm I've been out of the loop for a while... I might try and make it down ;)....

    Have to see if I have some meat and grog to bring down :p