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[Melb] 4 Muskerteers W/end, Sat 29 Oct - Tue 1 Nov

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    Looks like I have to report. Melb Cup weekend. The plan is as follows:
    - Leave early Sat morning
    - Sat night Tintaldra - staying at the hotel
    - Sun Night Jindabyne - Backpackers
    - Monday Night Merimbula - TBA
    - Tuesday home

    Leaving from Foxy's place. Meet there for a 7:30am departure.

    Matt232 - 100%
    Firefling - 100%
    Foxy - 100%
    RC36 - might meet us in Tintaldra
    Hornet600 - might meet us in Tintaldra
    Myself - 100%

    OK people, lets get things clear. Read the following disclaimer.

    Ride notes: This is an informal ride, and as always, remember that this is a social ride; your safety and the safety of your fellow riders is paramount. As a reminder here are some basic group ride protocols which you may also find useful for your own rides.

    Safe speed: The safe speed for road conditions will differ from rider to rider. You are responsible to pick a pace that is comfortable and within your ability. There will be plenty of opportunities to regroup. Never ride beyond your limits in an attempt to keep up with another rider!

    Safe distance: Do not follow closely; leave a safe distance between you and the next rider. It is especially important to avoid following closely on secondary roads where you can't see around the next corner and circumstances can change without warning. Passing: If you must ride faster than the rider in front of you, put your blinker on and pass. If you see a rider behind you preparing to pass, move over. There is little point to passing when riding in a group, however. We all get there about the same time...

    Lane discipline: Never cross the double white line! Always stay in your lane, and pick your line accordingly.

    Passing: If you are prepared to ride faster than the rider in front, put your blinker on and pass. If you see a rider behind you preparing to pass, move over and give plenty of room. Don't speed up!

    Stopping: If the group stops, pull off the road completely. When the group starts, be sure to look over your shoulder for approaching traffic before you pull out after the person in front of you. Don't assume it is clear just because they pulled out...

    Breakdowns: The sweeps and riding friends may stop and provide assistance. It is not safe for the entire group to stop for one rider unless there is plenty of room to pull off the road.

    Taking off early: It is fine to head home early, but it is appreciated if you let the others in the group or the sweeps know so we don't wait around or go looking for you.

    As always, this is a social ride, and racing is definitely not encouraged. I’ll be riding at a safe pace, and stopping occasionally to let the group collect up. I will have a map for everyone, but you cannot get very lost on this ride even if you try.

  2. Aww Shit Skuff..another experienced ride, I've got to get me a learning....:LOL:...
  3. Hey Nodz,

    It is not so much an experienced ride.... It is a ride where we minimise stops as we have plenty of km to cover. As stated, we will be OBEYING the speed limit on the straights as none of us want a speeding ticket and any wanker can go fast in a straight line.

    We ALWAYS wait for people so if you are interested, please come along.

  4. Wow, are people afraid of riding with me are they????

    Cowboy, Deyago, Lil, Rachel.... Come on guys..... i dont bite hard

    How about you Bob, hat are you afraid of :LOL: :LOL:
  5. I would love to Mitch and may even catch up with u guys depending on timing, I have got to go to perth around that time and then a wedding in Bowral (will be riding up for that one) early Nov.
    You do not scare me, I have been in the service for 20 plus years.


    Pity this is not a week and a half later or I and Mrs Scumbag would join you, we are basically going the same way anyway.
  6. PI superbike school on the Saturday...
  7. Hey RC, you volunteer us for this smorgasbord while I had my back turned??
    Skuff, it all depends, as you know, on my present unemployment situation turning into an employment situation, and then swindling the time off
    Watch this space, but of course, I'd love to meet you guys like we did on the Merimbula run. (Should have recovered from the Tamworth trip by then)!
  8. I signed you up.

    We will be staying in caravan parks again so accom will be cheap. Eating at the pubs so meals will be cheap. Bringing the rocket fuel again so we will all be drunk after a single shot.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Going to change your nick to Sir Skuffy the Corrupter........
  10. muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  11. $50 for the person who gets hornet drunk (need video evidence)
  12. I will take some of that action...

    Hornet, your going down brother :LOL:
  13. Esp if I have something to do with it!!!! :p :p :p You bring the bucket Skuffy and I'll bring the funnel :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  14. Put me down as a 50%a

    just waiting on work to decide if its a 4 day w/end for us or not.

  15. ppsssssst, Foxy...... I have already paid the owners at Tintuldra to tie Hornet down when they see him and pour 1litre of port down.... :eek: :eek: :eek:
  16. Double demerit + long stretchs of straight road = Me no license. Also, Im going to have to work on Monday. Being a casual means no workee, no pay (and im a lottle skimp at the moment), so im an outter on this one guys.
  17. I thought that this argument was settled ages ago - that Victorian riders in NSW don't accrue NSW's double demerit points on weekends when they're in effect. Rather, you get the fine that NSW issues plus the equivalent points that that offence is worth in Vic.

    Anyway, what holiday is in effect in NSW on that weekend?
  18. Hmmmmm.

  19. jeez, you go out for a quiet coffee with the family and come back and find you're being ganged up on by a mad mob of bikers!!!
  20. Looks like this will be the first part of my adventure! I will be tagging along with you folks to Merrimbula, then heading off to wherever the roads lead me for a few days!!

    Count me in!

    :D :D :D