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[Melb] 3rd August morning til afternoon ride (noob friendly)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by slyfox, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. i've got tomorrow off and am planning on going for a cruise, no idea where, i'm open to suggestions. the weather forecast looks like the rain will hold off until the afternoon which should allow for a few hours of fun in the sun/cloud/heavy winds :p

    i have to go to peter stevens in the morning to pick up my draggin jeans (city store not their other premises), then off i go hopefully with a couple of people who are happy to take a relaxed (but still fun..) pace.

    if you're keen post up in here! :biker:

  2. what? you've all got real jobs to go too during the day do you? :p
  3. hey mate...

    what time are you heading to peter's ?

    if the weather permits i could be up for it.

    check your pm.

  4. PM and SMS sent :)
  5. I might be up for a ride. Hopefully not too early.........

    When are you planning to leave and which Peters are you going to?

    Yeah, we'll see in the morning. :)
  6. Id love to go, but lack of money availible for petrol :(
  7. the bureau Of meteorology has done it again, at 5am predicted rain developing in the afternoon and less than 4 hours later it's raining moderately all over the place so says their radar :roll: :evil:

    ok i guess that's a little unfair as on the wider victorian forecast it says
    still in the right gear and taking it easy we could still have fun, i'll pass on my mobile/home number to those who've expressed interest and we'll play it by ear. everyone seems happy to sleep in which suits me :D *rolls over*
  8. well i am up for a ride on saturday if weather is like it was yesterday
  9. sorry all.

    have to bail on today's ride.

    unforseen delay. :(

    those that go...get a knee down for me :D
  10. Its BEAUTIFUL out there!!!! Just did my first squid trip to the newsagent to grab some tax forms - gloves(not bike gloves lol, lace ones), singlet and draggins. awsome day. not missing this one - if you guys dont go for a ride, im going for a trip up to ararat to visit the family!

  11. thats the way Eswen... rub it in some more :evil:
  12. ok it's on! meeting at peter stevens in 1 hour (just after midday) :biker:
  13. I hate youse all.
    I'm at work and you're out riding
    Just wait till I get my next day off!!!!!
  14. whats worse is sitting here with nothing to do, knowing that you bastards out out having fun :p :cry:
  15. I second that !!
  16. I hate youse all too!
    Stuck at work.
    I have an RDO this Friday..Woo Hoo..and they predict raining and 12 degrees...Damn Damn Damn
  17. It's a nice day :D

    Someone has to enjoy it
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    It's a shame I'm not working today. I should be paying taxes to repair the roads I'll be ripping up today 8)

    Oh well....................... :p :p :p
  18. Damn it ..... i just got a sms from one of those going for a ride today !

    There doing a Black Spur run !!

    Oh how i hate them rubbing it in like that

    :( :twisted: :(
  19. Awww, are people feeling a bit left out cause they have to work during a week where we've had glorious weather considering it's winter?? :twisted: Great time for riding with minimal traffic too instead of over the weekend where cagers come out in force and slow down everybody else.
  20. what is a squiddy or squid run??? no gear???