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[Melb] 27th December - Goulburn Valley Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by zx14, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. I know it's a little late notice but is anyone up for a run around Kinglake, Yae and back through the Black Spur on Tuesday...?

    My thoughts at the moment are Whittlesea - Kinglake West - Flowerdale - Broadford - Trawool - Yae... From there head towards Alexandra for the run back down the Maroondah highway over the Black Spur and home...

    Only footnote to this is that between Yae and Alexandra (in Cathkin) I'll be turning north up through Bonnie Doon as I'm meeting up with the wife to go camping for a week in Lake Eildon so someone else will need to follow the large green signs to Alexandra and back home to Melbourne (you'd have to be a real wally to get lost getting home from where I'm turning off)..

    I've not done the Broadford Flowerdale Road before (although I've eyed it off many a time when swinging right on the way up the Whittlsea Yae Road), nor the stretch of the Goulburn Valley Highway from Trawool to Yae so not sure what those two sections will be like but they look good in the Vicroads Country Street Directory of Victoria :D..

    Anyway if anyone's keen I'd probably look to meet between 10 and 10:30am in Whittlesea..

    BOM says "Fine and 35 degrees" so should be a good day for it :)..

  2. Too hot to be out all day?
  3. seems like a great ride to but alas i will be interstate.
    DrSlug never to hot to ride all day!
  4. Ummm Tempting, but going to the Cricket is also Tempting......

  5. That's where I'll be all day tomorrow.. The pillion in a million isn't a cricketing fan so she's driving the Land Cruiser up with all the gear tomorrow while I interrupt a perfectly good day of drinking with a few overs of cricket :)..

  6. Dririder AirFlow jacket + it always seems to be colder up round Yae anyway :)..

  7. Ummmmm also tempting, oh well just see what happens.

  8. verry interested, is it learner friendly :oops: :D

  9. yes to be riding an Across
  10. I'm in, 'nuffa this bollixing around. Meeting point? Time?

    It it's late, text me the details: 0418 219 330.

    Been off me bike 2 whole days, not happy Jan.
  11. I'll be at the beach tomorrow with family, otherwise this looks like a bonza ride. Have fun lads & lassies
  12. i'd love a ride tomorrow ... though on a 250 and won't keep up if you're thinking of a fast ride....

    second the questions about where/when to meet and would it be 'learner' friendly?

    if not, i might potter along to warburton, reefton, marysville and black spur on my own .... slowly... if anyone wants to join me...???
  13. C'mon ZX-man, where in Whittlesea?

    Got 2 takers... We can make it semi learner friendly, as in we'll meet you at the next turnoff sorta thing...
  14. Carri, gimme a ring on 0418 219 330, I'll meet you in Hawthorn and we'll go fer a ride.
  15. OK sorry Carri (nice to meet you on the phone!) and ZX12 I'm gonna bail on this one and head out PNUT stylin.

    Ride safe!
  16. Bloody cricket and alcohol..

    Meet point is Caltex Service Station, Yea Road, Whittlesea, Melways 246G8

    I'll be there between 10 and 10:30am - heading off 10:30am sharp

    Sounds like everyone's bailed anyway but I'll wait in case..

  17. Sounds like a nice ride, meeting place sounds easy enough, c u there :).
  18. No wuckers Loz. i had a lovely ride up Reefton a couple of times.... slowly, but definitely more smoothly and confidently than before. looked out for a red hornet but didn't see you. had lunch at marysville and back home via black spur. everyone seems to love black spur but i still find it harder than reefton.... despite new surface.

    let me know if you're ever up for going for a slower ride. 0411 222 360. otherwise i might see you on one of Netrider's rides one day...
  19. sorry zx12r. didn't see your last message. hope you didn't wait long and you had a fab ride...