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[Melb] 250 Friendly Black Spur Run - 3 Nov 07

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Moochie, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Plans for the day:

    Meet : Coles Carpark (Maroondah Highway)
    Time : 10am till before sun down
    Activities : Do a couple of runs up to the picnic grounds and back, to practice looking through corners, leaning with the bike and keeping the balls of the feet on the pegs.
    Level : Open (Go at your own pace)

    For those on 250s that may be interested in coming....... On the day we will let the quicker guys/gals go first and the slow pokes (like me) will head off after at our own pace. The meet up point between runs would be the Picnic Grounds halfway up the Spur. The quicker guys/gals on 250s are welcome to lead the pack if they wish.

    For the crew heading in from the CBD or surrounding areas:
    Meeting at the BP in St Kilda Marina or the Shell Station in Lygon then head to the Spur after.
    Will be meeting up at the servo at 9:00AM - 9:30AM

    We could stick in pick up points along the way if there is anyone who is not sure of how to get there.

    Innorz List :

    Moochie - CBR250RR
    Eugene - CBR600RR
    Mate 1 - R6
    Mate 2 - GSXR600
    Nibor - VTR250
    Hippo - VTR250?
    Karen - Balilus
    WGM - BMW K1100 LT SE
    josh1988 - Kwaker 10r

    Current Probably Innerz List :

    im.on.it (Depending on bike) - Hornet?
    robbied (Pending prior arrangements)

    Note : This is not a Learner Ride day, it is 250 friendly with a mix of experienced learners and semi-experienced learners on 250s as well as larger capacity bikes. If you are a new rider with not many KMs under your belt and would like to come, please be honest with your level of riding and voice out what you are and are not comfortable doing at the start of the ride. Do not try to keep up with the quicker guys/gals as we will wait for the slowest riders at set intervals (which basically means everyone will have to wait for me at set intervals). :p
    There is no pressure to keep up cuz everyone will get there eventually. :p
  2. im almost in. can confirm its a VTR250 :p

    when at work next, ill be telling em to bugga off, ive got "family commitments" sat 3rd nov, and im goin for my Ps wed 7th nov :grin:

    hey moochie, have u been up Mountain Hwy before? if not, im leading the route on the way back :p
  3. VTR250 has been confirmed. :cool:
    Good to hear you'll almost confirmed to be there. The more the merrier.
    I was supposed to head out and do my P's that week too. Just haven't had the time to book it in yet.

    Can't say that I have taken the Mountain Hwy route back. So........... You're leading the pack back!!!! :LOL:
  4. Hey Moochie, count me in :grin:
  5. if you guys go on the 10th as well ill definitely be there
    :p IT sucks how's you finish on the 3rd my last exams on the 8th!!!
  6. Awesome stuff Karen. You think Justin will be coming as well?
    I would give him a call but his number's in my other phone which is with a mate at the moment.
  7. Oh man.... Exams suck don't they?
    You missed the last one too. Try and make it up for a day of rest, relaxation and riding..... I guarantee you'll be fresh to study when you get back.
    Riding is thereputic........ :cool:
  8. pfffft....

    who studies for exams :cool:

    bout the only thing i studied was the bottom of a glass :LOL:

    lol n Mooch, Mountain Hwy is back past the start/end point of lilydale, its up in my hills, Dandenong Ranges. pretty easy to get to though, maybe 10min from Lilydale to hit the dandenong tourist rd, then another 10min to get to the turnoff. you'll like it :p

    and i can even get u back onto a road home if your nice :p :LOL:
  9. :oops:
    Excuse the nOObness.....
    Didn't have a clue where that bit of road was.
    You'd better show me a road home or I'll leave you up there!!! :LOL:
  10. The ride has just been added to the calender (i hope i did it right).
    Was just brought to my attention that I needed to put it up there or it'll get deleted.
    I'm such a nOOb at this ride planning thing........ :oops:

    Thanks for the heads up Caz appreciate the help...... :cool:
  11. Hey Moochie

    I could be interested. Just gotta check the plans. The Coles meeting point is at Healsville right?

  12. Good ta hear you might be there mate.
    And, yup.... The meet point is in Healsville. There is a huge Coles and we'll be meeting in the carpark.
    What are you riding?
  13. ermm.... Not quite a 250

    It is the BMW K1100 LT SE - some say the LT is for Like Truck but hey - it's comfy!!

    Haven't done the spur much so thought I'd tag along.

  14. Lol..... As long as it's comfy who cares if it is a Light truck or not. :LOL:

    Good stuff..... It's not just 250s going out on the day at the start i was out numbered :mad: .
    I just put that up there cuz I need company at the back of the pack. :LOL:
  15. Yes one of the joys of the beast is that those behind can enjoy the radio/ipod as it blares out the speakers!!

    Mmmmm..... noises of nature!

    Also means with the storage on the bike I have heaps of room for extra snacks and the like.

    Oh and when it gets cold, I just turn on the heated handle bars (2 settings for extra comfort!). Its good to be a yuppy wanker! :LOL:


    PS Have checked the diary and good to go so count me in.
  16. hey, dont mind if i come along on the 10r?
    if its cool, im in
  17. I'm sure it won't be a problem josh...... Seems to be a fairly balanced number of 2fiddys and "others" at the moment.
    The more the merrier.....
  18. im defently there then :grin:
  19. If I dont have any major problems with that date I will be there
  20. Good stuff fellas..... :cool:
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