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[Melb] 22 March, ride through the Dandenong Ranges.

Discussion in 'VIC' started by slyfox, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. heading to the hills tomorrow early lunch time for a couple of hours of fun. this is very much at the half-planned stage, no meet-up point decided yet but i thought i had better give people a chance to see the plan with at least a few hours to consider coming.

    noob friendly ride with no pressure to go fast.

    more details to follow this afternoon/evening.

  2. sound like fun :)
    long as its not too early ill be there :LOL:
  3. ahhh s**t, not YOU :roll: righto 6am start it is! :wink:
  4. well at least i dont ride a zzr

  5. :( wish i could be there for this i really want to get out on the bike as much as possible this week before the wet weather comes early next week, instead i'll be stuck at uni all morning :(

    Have fun
  6. we might be heading out in the arvo micheal... ill send you an sms if we are if ya like?
  7. what time are we lookin at??
    as i might be awake..
  8. Yes pleeze :) , I might be able to duck away early and head straight up the mountian from uni if you leave later.
  9. omg - sounds good was thinking about taking a sickie and head through the dandenongs and then warburton - black spurs

    no no no - got to much work already.

    might just be a little ride through studley park
  10. alas i have work in port melbourne at 6:30pm so i probably have to head back from the hills around 4pm. i was hoping to get started around 1pm what time can you make it kraven?

    i'm at work until at least 11:30pm so i'm having a battle organising this. PM eswen if you need to ask anything.. not that we have many details yet :p i'm going to be heading up north rd. when you reach the top of north (which has changed name to something else and diverted course slightly) you reach a t intersection where there is a pub, at which point you're in the hills, that's where i was thinking of meeting.. more detail needed i know. :oops:
  11. depending on what time you guys head out would love to come.... wheres the meeting point?
  12. I finish at 12 so i could just meet you all up in the hills if you give me a street name and suburb/town so i can get directions off whereis.com

    I take it this is just a relaxed ride through the hills?
  13. ok looks like north becomes wellington, if you get to wellingtons end it becomes a t intersection with belgrave gembrook road. i am 99.9% sure there is a pub there, i am happy to meet people there unless another point that is deemed better is found.

    if not sure where i mean have a look on whereis.com
  14. Okies, Il meet you guys (if Im awake that early :shock:) at 1pm at corner wellingtons rd and belgrave gembrook road. where there is probably a pub.
    and andys studly dudly zzr. haha.
  15. Sorry guys i didn't have enough $$$$'s for lunch petrol and the bowling tonight so i had to cancel one :(

    Mabye next time
  16. andrew... you woke me up again!!! sorry, i was too busy sleeping to come to this one, curse that second week of paid leave... (muahahhahahah)
    I hear slyfox had a great time swimming instead :)