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[Melb] 2009 Sachs Madass 150 (modified) SOLD!!

Discussion in 'Archived' started by OU818, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. SOLD

    The time has come for me to sell my Madass.

    I bought this bike new in February with the intention of using it as a daily commuter and it has served me faithfully since.
    Bought from FX Powersports in Brunswick and serviced for its 1000 and 4000 km at the same location the bike has never missed a beat.

    As well as being the perfect commuter (splitting/filtering is beyond easy) the Madass is also great fun through the twisties. I have had this bike up on Mountain Hwy a few times and it handles the corners with ease. It even made it successfully on the Vanilla Ride a few months ago (Melb - Woodend - Daylesford and back).

    The bike is in perfect condition having never been dropped.

    The bike has been modifed to allow for freeway riding as the max speed when stock was 80kmph whereas I have achieved up to 115kmph since the mods.

    Mods include:

    Front and rear sprocket
    150cc Big Bore Kit
    Oil Cooler
    Performance Carb and Air Filter
    Megacycle Exhaust

    It also comes with both original sprockets, original CDI and exhaust.

    So basically if you are looking for a convenient commuter or are buying for a first city bike then I can't recommend the Madass enough.

    Kilometers: 5,241 at time of posting
    Rego until: end of Jan 2010

    Price: $2,000



    Either PM me or call me on 0422 301 349.
    The bike is located in Ormond.[/b]
  2. what tyres are on it, and what is the sizing for those tyres?
  3. Rear: Duro 120/80 x 16
    Front: Duro 90/90 x 16
  4. looks like a fun bike, just like riding a pushy ye?
  5. Can you pull a wheelie on it?
  6. yes geeth!
  7. lol nice

    Good luck with the sale looks like a fun little thing to rip about on
  8. I can vouch for getting a pillion on one of those!!
  9. Looks great! How much have you spent on all the mods?

    How many kays do you get from a tank with the mods?

    Cheers :)
  10. All up the mods cost me just over a grand.

    I usually refill the tank at 150 however I only ever put in about 4 litres. I have never run it dry so not sure what the total capacity would be.
  11. Price reduced to $2,000
  12. Gosh I'm tempted. I'm spending a bit of time on the city roads during the days when I need to visit South Melbourne for work. Traffic gets tiresome on the 270kg FJ, and I find myself daydreaming of a light and flickable bike.

    Two grand, newish, cheap to run and a cinch to self-service. Aarrrgh close the browser window before I get my wallet out!
  13. No no! Get your wallet out :LOL:
  14. comtemplating it too
  15. This bike has been sold.
    Please lock mods!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.