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[Melb] 2008 CBR1000RR Fireblade - Yellow/Black

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by tyrelever, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. [Melb] 2008 CBR1000RR Fireblade - Yellow/Black *Price Drop*

    Hey Netriders!

    As commented below I have dropped the price on the fireblade.

    Ive decided to sell my beloved 'blade as ill be upgrading to a sports tourer in the near furture... (and the other half says I can have only one bike, spoil sport!)

    So here's the rundown - $16,000
    Mega good looking and hard to find Yellow and Black 2008 Fireblade with options.

    Immaculate condition (only a few light boot markes on the boot guard) with 12 months rego and 12 months factory warranty.
    Also comes with factory options,
    Gel Seat (best thing I ever bought me thinks :p)
    Tall Tinted Screen
    Seat Cowl
    Tank Protector
    Garage Stand with Spools

    Also provided are the original seat, screen and pillion seat.

    The blade has been well run(ing) in and serviced already.

    This is an excellent 'everything you need' package. As good as brand new as you can get with only 1005 k's on the dial. Bargain with the options.

    Ive advertised this bike in other places but have dropped the price a little for netrider members.

    Cheers guys, Drop me a PM and have a look! Viewing in Lang Lang Vic - A little past Cranbourne, on the way to Phillip Island
    More Pics Here



  2. you might want to revise your price...
  3. 2008 Honda CBR1000RR (Fire Blade)
    Valuation Prices
    Price when new (RRP) $17,990
    Trade in price guide $9,200 - $11,000
    Private price guide $12,300 - $14,600
  4. Ummm yeah...If i wanted it for that price i'd buy it from the dealers.
    Speaking of which, what about trading it in for a cruiser at the dealer you bought it from?
    Sweet looking colors though.
  5. It's socking the amount of money you lose when buying a brand new bike.
    My SP1 cost $23,000 to get it on the road sounding like angry rocket.
    3 years later I got $11,000 for it.

    It sucks but that's life ;)

    But yeah, there is little hope of you getting the asking price when it's more than RRP and last years model.

    Good luck with the sale, I hated the shape of those bikes but they are growing on me.
  6. I remember that SP :0)
  7. Thanks Guys,

    I appreciate the advise, I was hoping to see if anyone would see the value of the total package (bike, colour and the rest).

    I will drop the price down shortly but if I can make a request guys, if you want to comment on price can I ask you to please PM me and not post on an open forum.

  8. ya could have dried it off before taking the pics
  9. Yes you are probably right but I didnt think that a little water would throw any genuine buyers off at least having a look, it wouldnt me:p

    Thanks for the advice though.

  10. Hey mate, just wondering what your oil consumption has been like?
  11. Hey Phizog,

    Actually I’ve had no problems whatsoever with the oil consumption on the bike. When I took it in for its service I asked the dealership (Narre-Warren Honda) about the oil usage knowing that there was some concern around the newer blade's going through a lot of oil. They said that “the oil level is fine, there has been almost no oil usage as far as we can see, looks good”.
    I’ve kept an eye on the oil level since 0'ks and to my eye the level on the dipstick didn’t move at all.

    I can only guess that the oil usage issue ties in with how well it’s run in. My understanding (and imp no mechanic) is that if the ring doesn’t seat in the cal correctly during the 1st 1000k's (but especially the first 50-100k's) then oil may be consumed at a higher rate than normal.

    Hope it helps.
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