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[Melb] 2006 ZX6R 636 Limited Edition Low K's SOLD

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Grunge, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. Just putting a feeler out for my zx6r, so I can get bam bam's zx10r. :p

    It's limited edition (Titanium w/ flames)
    Comes with

    micron pipe
    race stand knobs
    Fender Eliminator (Have original too)
    Smoked Windscreen (Have original too)
    Colored Bar ends (have original too)

    Nothing much else to say about it, other than it has LOW K's (< 10,000Ks).. and if I'm right it's still under warranty.
    Babied and taken care of, not raced.

    Here we go some pics.

    I'lll try to get more pics with the windscreen updated.... I've only done that recently.

    Looking for $10K for it.
    Thanks al! :]
  2. muhahahahahahahaha

    Seed = planted.

    Now the waiting game........

    Good luck dude. :)
  3. If my Hyo gets written off (a possibility - I find out in a couple of days) then I could well be in here Grunge.
  4. Oooooh!!!

    No offense, but Fingers crossed! :]
  5. Very tidy mate.
  6. :eek: absolutely mint..........
  7. noticed teh stolen milk crates :LOL: if only i was off restrictions now
  8. Nice sexy clean looking bike Grunge ! Best of luck with the sale..I'm sure it won't take long at all.
  9. Also forgot to mention this has a working scorpio alarm on it. :)
  10. Very nice. The tyres look pretty new too?
  11. Yes. Still very new.
    I've had no bites on this.. :-(
  12. Anyone?
    I'll drop the $$$ to 9500ONO.... :]
  13. I got a mate to check this thread out today and was trying to talk him into buying it... he says he can't afford it, but I reckon if I keep hassling him he might go for it lol
  14. Well I hope someone gets this soon, as I want to get bambam's bike. =P
  15. Good luck with the sale Grunge. I'm out of riding for at least the next year. Lawyer's bill was a whopper! Your bike looks great in person. :)
  16. My brother has one. So I cant :p GL !
  17. Nice bike,good luck with the sale..
    I have the perfect number plates for this if anyone is interested..

    Regards Neil
  18. Hey Grunge - still going?

    Quick Q - are the flames clear-coated in? Love the titanium but not a big fan of the flames (there's a pun in there somewhere...)

    Would have to off-load mine first though...
  19. Re: [Melb] 2006 ZX6R 636 Limited Edition Low K's.

    Yeap Still available so i can get bam bam's ZX.
    The flames are stickered on with some effort you can un-sticker it.....
    BTW, it came like that....
  20. Re: [Melb] 2006 ZX6R 636 Limited Edition Low K's.

    Oh, I know, just wondering if it's reversible or a permanent exercise in tackiness...

    I'm in Sydney now so logistics suck, and just had massive removal, rental bond and vet bills to deal with. Would still have to sell the GSXR to afford it. Don't hold your breath for me mate. Much as I'd love it.
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